nothing important

This will not be a
…  “so today i did this, and then i did that, and then he said this,
but i was like, no waaayyyy” kind of xanga.  If you wanna kno what he
said and what she said…then, ask me.  Otherwise…ttyl

back to just me and my monkey


19 thoughts on “nothing important

  1. w00t 7th, here’s your eprops!
    I’m your bestest korean CHINGOO, and you know it sukka. K PEACE AND SARANG! tapioca mang tang!

  2. hey phil!! even tho i don’t know you… but you look cool in that pic! =] well what did he say? lol xD ttyl phil! ive watched all ur videos so far… wish u knew who i was!! lol comment back plz! ^-^ lyl

  3. hey philip (:  i think you’re an reallly aweosome person (: im so inspired by you. someday i hope to talk to you welps you can always IM me on AIM : aznlazieegrlx3 okays i would be soo happy if yu did talk to me. but if yu dont its okay too (: & see you on feb 10 ? i live in temple cityy yepps. anyways talk to you laters (:

  4. Hey philip.. I totally abandoned my xanga years ago.. but figured that I would sign in for old times to message you. Wow. I found that your blogs are soo intriguing. I actually overlooked your blog and then I saw what you wrote about the rise & demise of a typical relationship. And after I read that, I became a fan not only of your work, but your words too. What does it take for a girl to save ya as a friend on fb? lol. Anyways, if you ever want to chat between your busy work schedule.. you know how to find me 🙂 good luck on everything..

  5. I will be the nosy one Phil, and ask – “what happened?” P.S. you are a babe and fabulous, stay strong!

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