A mother’s love

A few days ago, I got a glimpse of myself when I was 7 years old.

For those of you who know me…I love Target.  Sometimes, I’ll just go, for no reason, nothing to buy…just to walk around the store. Something about it brings me peace.  The atmosphere, the smell?  I dunno.  But I’ll go for a stroll there in the evening when I want to relax, usually I’ll find something to buy.  Maybe it’s cause I used to work there…or maybe it’s cause Target is just that cool…or maybe i’m just hella weird. (however, i do know many other ppl who do the same).

It seems as tho I write about Target often…I guess cause each time I go, I see something that makes me smile or wonder.  Therefore, this particular trip, I had to take a moment to share with you.

4 days ago, during one of my “for no particular reason” visits, I was walking thru the toy section as I always do (as I have always done since I was a kid).  Back then, my mom would be shopping and I’d run off and say…”I’ll be in the toys”.  Then she’d usually find me there after she was finished, and by then I would have found countless things I wanted (usually Legos), and I’d make my case to my Mom as to why she should buy me a certain set. (It’s nice being older now and being able to buy whatever legos i want whenever i want)
target Lego1

So I was in the Lego aisle…and there was a kid and his mom.  They were Korean, but were speaking English.  The boy was very eloquent with his words, describing the various reasons why the helicopter set was great.  Now, what struck me the most endearing, was that the mom sincerely listened, and asked him “what about this other one, there’s more pieces, so you can make more things”.  The kid, thinking he was so smart, of course said, “I always make different things than what the instructions say”.  But after a moment, he thought about it and asked his mother…”do you really think that the more pieces would be better?”  That kind of trust and reliance caught my attention and made me grin. I had finished looking at the toys for sometime, but stayed (pretending to keep looking) just so i could hear more of their conversation. Something about her slight accent, and his childish innoncence made it more special.

target Lego2

my fav part of this picture is how he’s tip-toeing

The mom continued to help him find a suitable set, one that wasn’t too expensive, but one that could also give him the most satisfaction and happiness, and he listened, and trusted her. I feel that as we grow up from kids to teens to young adults…we lose this trust in our parents, the people who love us the most in this world.  Sadly, I know I am one.

Sometimes they started talking in Korean, so I couldn’t understand, but after a few minutes (and taking these stalker photos ninja style) I left the aisle with a big smile on my face. Love can be found in so many forms…sometimes, just in finding the right Lego set.

The following picture is my favorite…Him brighteyed, making his case.  Her listening intently and carefully
target Lego3


I left Target that afternoon not buying anything, but I surprisingly… I got exactly what I needed.

Thanks mom and dad, for giving in once in awhile and buying me a Lego set.


160 thoughts on “A mother’s love

  1. I loved your post. To tell you the truth, I haven’t called my mom in a week. Having read your post made me miss her and my childhood memories. I’m turning 26 tomorrow. I wish it was 10 years ago where I can go through my teenage years once again. Man, I feel so~ old!! In case you actually do read the comments~ I’m a UCSD Alumni, too. 2003 Revelle graduate. I’m proud to say I graduated from UCSD, too…cuz that’s where Wongfu Productions came alive and out into the world. Keep up the good work, ‘xue di’ (younger classmate in mandarin).

  2. phil:you know, i’m a huge fan of wong fu, but, honestly, i didn’t know what to expect from you in any other categories. i’ve met you (la show of a moment with you) and you seemed very nice and friendly and sweet.but i’ve really enjoyed looking over your entries and your thoughts. i’m sure you’ve heard this a thousand times over, but the things you talk about and the way you talk about them, they’re humorous but serious; overall very endearing.good luck with everything.

  3. I loved this entry, it really touched me. I like the last picture the best too. It really brought me back to my own memories of when I was younger, and it inspired me to write a xanga entry.
    The next time I’m anywhere, I will definitely try to pay more attention to those around me because it just makes you realize the finer things in life. And so, a well deserved 2 eprops!

  4. this almost made me cry but at the end you cracked me up with the stalker pics lol. you know what this kind of stuff makes you so unique and different from other guys out there. someone out there is gonna be lucky to have you.
    p.s. dam im one of those target lovers too…shoot. nothing wrong with just going there not knowing if you what you are buying or IF you are buying something lol!

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  6. This is such a sweet post. 10 years ago when reading this, I would think of my mom. Being thankful for everything she did and things that she is still doing for me. How she thinks I am still a kid no matter how old I will be.

    Now reading this post, I think about myself being a mother in future. Will I be a good mom? Patience is never part of me. This post made me realized how much patience my mom had with me. I am not so sure if I can do a great job like she did.

    I will learn to have more patience and start listening more.

    Thanks for the post.

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