it’s all still so clear

Age creeps up on
you.  I happened to catch it red handed a few nights ago…see I
was looking through old pictures, and I’ve realized how ugly I’ve
gotten over the last few yrs.  Since first going to college, til
now…the wrinkles are deeper, skin is rougher.

The first picture is taken on the
last day of my 1st yr of college.  The 2nd picture was taken just
3 weeks ago.  The heck is going on?! I used to look so vital, and
fresh.  Now worry, regret, pressure, and pain have all made it’s
marks, and I’m sure, will continue to do so.  Then again, maybe
I’m getting all those wrinkles cause I’m smiling so much! 
<pssh, yeah doubt it>

But how about even BEFORE that 2003 picture?  aw man. …high school. 

Now…I went to high school during a time when these tiny Canon
powershots and slim Sony cybershots didn’t exist yet.  We had to
use film, and go develop it.  If you wanted a picture on your
computer, you had to scan it.  YES.  All these high schoolers
these days taking all the pictures they want.  I’m jealous.

I had a few pictures from hs scanned
on this computer cause, well the computer I currently use is also from
high school. sad (it’s time for an upgrade)

Come take a walk with me into a past lifetime.  Let’s begin at 1999…

last day of school Freshmen yr. I
believe we’re in our Bio classroom. Yeup, rockin the braces.  I
got them off early next school year.

Matt and me at Fresh Choice
(souplantation) later that summer.  Thank goodness the picture is
small so you can’t see my pimples as well. (Dang I hated puberty,
lol)  See that baby in my hand…  Nokia 5110. It was a
friend’s. I didn’t get my own until end of Sophomore year. I used to
think those bricks were so small. And you best believe I changed the
faceplate! (didn’t add led lights tho, i thought that was a
little…ehh) haha

Now onto 10th grade. This is Allen’s birthday soph yr.  He’s turning..what, 15? 
My group of friends in hs would celebrate ppls birthdays at school (I’m sure many of you all did the same). I
brought a cake i think, and we had a jolly good time.This was the first
digital picture I have.  I think it was Nathan’s camera.  1
mega pixel, and it saved onto a floopy disk.

A jump to Junior year. EVERYONE in
performance fleece! David, Josh, and matt.  After school, all the
asn kids would wait for the traffic to clear from the parking lot, so
we’d just chillout, socialize at the school exit.  Yeah, we were

We’re upperclassmen now…so gotta try to be cool.  duh.

Hmmm…something’s missing in this
picture. hahaha.  For those that don’t kno about Allen’s eyebrow
story.  IM him or message him

This is at his volleyball practice, we’re just messin w/ him

Ahh, Seniors baby! Homecoming week.
Red and Gold, Broncos!! Yes, we’re spirited.  c’mon, ASB, we hafta
be.  Look at Allen in the back.  Even back then, he’d do the
background posing.

Senior Ball. Meeting up at Tiffany’s
house for pics and limo, you kno how it goes.  I did the bowtie
for Junior Prom… so I thought I’d try to be special and go with the
mandarin collar.  I liked it, so did my date…so there!

Everyone’s been graduating lately and
blogging about it.  Well here’s mine, except this is 5 years
ago.  Class of 2002!  I was fortunate enough to go to UCSD w/
4 of the 6 guys in this pic.  That was a fun night. 

We’ve come a long way in a “short” amount of time.  From 99-07, 8 years.  What the hell happened? What did I do?
Are the next 8 gonna go by just as fast?  I’ll be 30 then. HOLY $@*&
Thanks to all my hs buddies.  We had a blast, and sorry if I don’t
keep in touch with you guys as well anymore.  Sucky thing about
life, it puts ppl on different paths.  I miss you all tho.

Oh, one thing I did during the past 8 years was make a movie
<segway to shameless plug>

I made a movie
   It’s about love and relationships the way most of us know and have experienced it
Some ppl don’t enjoy it that much.
   Some ppl love it. 
                      (can’t please everyone)
I’m very proud and happy with it.
     Hopefully it’s not the last movie I make.

Oh, and it’s available to buy online now.


53 thoughts on “it’s all still so clear

  1. You still have a very cute face :)I have to be honest and say that yeah, there are a few little wrinkles near your eyes from your recent pic.You can blame the contamination in the environment. It’s true.And get the sleep your body needs, don’t go sleep deprived too much. It’ll also helps you have a sharp mind.Guys don’t like doing this but, it’ll be better if you use skincare products :)You can see that they have products for MEN these days. It’s impossible to always look young without taking care of your skin with those products. You could start using cleanser to wash your face in the morning and before you go to bed. You also need to put on moisturizer right after you wash your face. Even during a hot weather, just apply less.Why those products for men didn’t exist in the past? One of my business teacher said that “the percentage of people getting divorce is high these recent years, and for men to attract women they have to look good”You know the physical appearance is the first thing we see from people. And so often time we judge people by what we see.Ok, I don’t even know if you’ll be interested in reading all this :PI’m guessing that your appearance is important for you, you know like actors, they depend on their looks hehe…I just wanted to share what I know about skincare, ’cause you and your wongfu team shared so many good videos that really make my day :)Take care! God bless!

  2. Hm…I have to say that you were the cutest in the “Yellow Fever” short…so clean-cut and fresh…now? You’re not bad (when you have time, you should check out the comments and see how many ppl actually want to marry you). I would say that you are more mature and that the wrinkles on your face marks those experience in life.  We all get those. It’s a shame if you don’t!

  3. ok…now, 9 years (!) later if you put another pic taken “3 weeks ago”..I’m wondering what your comment would be seeing all 3 next to each other.. 🙂

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