apparently there are lots of NGs out there…

Our living room has recently been turned into a sweatshop/warehouse.   I thought it’d be fun to give you guys a tour of Wong Fu Inc…haha.

We’ve been selling merchandise for a few months now.  DVDs and soundtracks mainly.  For the most part, we are able to handle the orders while getting our other work done as well.  Aside from the crazy initial flood of orders for “A Moment with You” when we first made it available, things have mellowed out, and now we’ve (Ted) got a pretty good system down.  Ted has become an Excel pro, you should see his bar graphs..mmMmm

Here’s ted.  He’s a great employee here at WF Inc.  Here he is getting this weeks orders ready to be shipped out. Way ta Go Ted!

One box of goodies.  We get them duplicated, “assembled”, and wrapped by a third party company, and they just ship us our load.

Spencer guards the other boxes of DVDs. 

Thennn we made a short called “Just a Nice Guy”.  In it, I wore a couple shirts that Wes designed for it.  We knew going into it, that we were gonna sell the shirt.  What we didn’t plan on, was just how many people would want one.  And so, after seeing the number of preorders we were getting, we made preps. 

“What are we gonna ship them in”.  I said, plastic tubes would be cool.  Wes said, cardboard tubes would be wiser.  Ok.  So I made the call… and a couple days later

Ted wakes me up and says, Phil you need to move your car, the tubes are here.  I’m thinking…why not just put them in the living room.  Oh, Cause the shipment is the size of four refrigerators!!  It won’t even fit coming into the drive way!  These aren’t your grandmama’s cardboard tubes from TP.  These are heavy duty, 3″ diameter, 3′ long monsters.  My, that was an interesting morning.

Ok, so we got the tubes into the garage.  A week later we get the first batch of shirts from our printer.  We unload the boxes…It looks like a Tshirt monster blew up, or threw up, in our living room.  We got hundreds of shirts, all over the place as we try to fold and organize… finally…

That’s just one of the designs…5 other design are grouped around the rest of the living room.   I felt like I was working freaking retail…folding all those $&%($# shirts.  haha

Time to package!  Bring out the tubes!
Each tube was 1 yard…but we’re not gonna use a 3 foot tube to ship one shirt.  “We’ll cut them down to size”.  I say, “did you bring a saw, Ted?”  He holds up a little steak knife.  I go out to our front steps and start cutting away.  9 inches for 1 shirt….1 footers for 2 shirts, 1.5 footers for 3 shirts, the whole tube for 4 shirts or more.

Beautiful…single sizes ready to be stuffed.

While I was cutting outside…Ted prepares his charts…and Wes makes a Optimized Garment Cataloging Containment Unit (shelves with signs)

A wide view of our warehouse.  So organized…only to be emptied in a couple hrs.

Now the real work begins…getting all these people, exactly what they want.  I’m pretty sure we screwed up at least on one or two orders…but crossing our fingers we didn’t.

Notice the different sizes….(yeah, my precise cutting skillz right thur)

After awhile, and not even 1/3 through all the orders, we run out of shirts…gotta call the printer for more.  Guess we can only fill so many for this week.

birds eye view of a few.  (whoa, still some rhymes left over from the last entry)

So unsigned rappers start by selling their mixtapes out the back of their trunk.  We sell DVDs and tshirts out our living room.  I can’t help but feel a little gangsta (did i say that right?  Gangs-tuh) ok, that was lame…but in the words of Jigga…
“I move weight like I’m Oprah, son”

alright, so we’re not dealing drugs…but still. “Everyday I’m hus-tl-in”

Dang, maybe I do wanna be a rapper.  Payce.

Oh..Duh.  Gotta have a shameless plug.  Buy* Yours Today!

haha, don’t really have to


37 thoughts on “apparently there are lots of NGs out there…

  1. Hahaha excellent !!! ( > v < ) I was so curious about how u guys managed your productions+shop+orders+all the logistical issues, now i know !! lol ! Not only you are good creators but also good businessmen !!! I’m so admirative!!! Let me know if you ever need extra employee for holidays period, i’d be so glad and proud to fly to US to work for Wong Fu Prod one day =) !! ‘Will order sevral t-shirts soon, have to make you work , seems you’re not busy enough !! LOL ! Anyway, you guys are really amazing ! (* v * ) ❤

  2. It’s a cool idea to package the shirts in tubes. I definitely need to order a few for gifts and myself of course. I always wonder how you guys find the time to do everything and be so organized. Now I know. Good Teamwork! Spencer is such a good teddy bear guarding all those DVDs though they will disappear so quickly that he won’t notice what happened.

  3. That answers the endless questions in my mind. Wow. You manage to do all of that too?! You guys are so awesome. You guys are supermen. How can you do all of this? That’s amazing. I just got my shirts in the mail.But one thing that wasn’t explained here was how you managed to draw clouds and the Nice Guy Logo on the tubes too.

  4. i know this makes me sound like a complete geek, but i’m glad u settled with cardboard tubing. it’s more environment friendly nonetheless, i’m glad things are going so well for u guys! living proof that asians are hard workers.. whether we’re in the medical OR art department 🙂

  5. Just ordered tshirts !couldnt wait more LOL!Hope ill receive them soon, stop surfing on xanga and go fold my tshirts!!LMAO (> w <) jokinggOh and Phil ur not the one that make mistakes, i dont know u well, but im pretty sure youre not one of the bad guys…your sweet glances and smiles betrays the NG u are ^^

  6. har har, i highly dislike retail work,though folding tees don’t seem too horrid.p.s- the single size shirt tubes picture is awesome.i love how someone’s cool kicks are being utilized to hold up those tubes.:P

  7. phil! omg…you guys are nuts! it’s like self inflicted slave labor, lol…jk. that’s so cool that you guys are selling your stuff! we need to grab lunch one day again. looks like things are going well for you =)

  8. dang nice, I was starting to worry about those shirts cause I wanna flaunt them widely everywhere I go. BUT – I realized 2-3 weeks for you guys to get them so it hit me how much longer I had to wait. But anyways, this update really makes me giddy like a school girl now – thx for all that hard work you guys put in =)

  9. “Payce”i LOL at that.I’m trying to design T-shirts for band T__Tour theme is circuitry.. what kind of theme is that!well goodluck :Dyou should learn the japanese way of folding shirts!i think the video is on youtube.hahacrazy japs!

  10. Haha. I think Ted looks funny working hard over there =P. Thats alot of tubes and taping.. I got the NG shirts in the mail last week. Love the fabric! Good job guys =) P.S I really want Spencer! Where did you guys buy that bear so big ;(

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