s’about to get a little homo. lol

This is a special entry because, I’m celebrating an anniversary…yeah.  Marking a day when the road in my life took a  significant turn due to what seemed like an insignificant decision at the time.
Looking back though, it was major.  Bigger than anything I could have planned, or hoped for.  You see…

two years ago, September 2, 2005…I put this banner up on the Wong Fu Productions website…

After being in a class or two with these fellows I had just gotten to know and work with, I asked them if they’d like to put some of their work on the Wong Fu website.  We had done a handful of projects together by that time, so I thought to myself…dude, these guys are pretty much part of the team already, and they got some good stuff (way better than my MVs) so they should be shared too.

Here’s what lead up to it…
As I was getting into my upperdivs 3rd yr, so were my roommates/friends who used to help out a lot on my videos.  But soon, they were getting much more involved in their schoolwork and their own goals (as they should be), and I couldn’t ask them to help me as often as I’d like w/out feeling like I was bothering them.
At that same time, I went into my first production class…and saw these two guys, who were…for lack of better words, hella good…and honestly, I was scared of them, threatened.  But luckily, as we got to know each other more and worked together, they turned out to be cool guys, and amazingly, just as enthusiastic and creatively driven as me. 

And so, two years ago on this day…we made it official. (gay moment, whatever, haha).  Wesley Chan and Ted Fu came on board this wong fu thing….and little did they know, it’d turn into a lot more than just sharing some class work.  They didn’t just join that day…they made it something much greater.

It’s a trip to think about all that we’ve been thru the last 2 years.  It feels like it’s been soooooo much longer.  But maybe that’s because for the last 2 years, we’ve seen each other EVERY DAY…and for the past yr, EVERY HOUR.  We live w/ each other, we work w/ each other, and we hangout w/ each other… and somehow, we haven’t chewed off each others’ heads.   Thankfully, they’re both upstanding, considerate, polite, funny, and hardworking people.  And being fairly similar in personality helps too.  As gay as it sounds, we really can finish sentences, and know exactly what each other is thinking at a given moment (but then think the opposite on purpose to throw them off, but they’d know that too) [they probably knew I was gonna say that].

And here we are now. Here is the result of the foolish foolish decision you made a couple yrs back.  haha.  In Alhambra of all places, still making videos, still running from reality and trying to replace it w/ our own.

So here’s to you guys.  You’ve had to deal w/ hearing my same jokes a gagillion times as I tell them to different people.  You’ve had to deal w/ me randomly singing and dancing (holy crap, i really do that?). You’ve put up w/ my emo-ness. But most of all, for the last two yrs, You’ve been by my side pushing forward, working hard, and making it fun. 
It’s been quite a ride thus far, and I’m looking forward to more.  Thanks for saying “yes” two yrs ago.  Dunno if you would still say that knowing what you know today, haha..but sucks for you, you’re already here.  Might as well enjoy it.


Yeah, those guys.

38 thoughts on “s’about to get a little homo. lol

  1. Happy anniversary to ya’ll. =)
    Ever since my friend introduced me to you guys, study sessions and boring classes became so much more bearable.  Thanks! =D

  2. w00t! happy anniversary!I’ve been watching alot of your videos especially the on tour, your old college videos, and some of the random videos that are on youtube. anyways they all inspire me to get into a good college and show that down the road after highschool its not just homework and studing =P. You guys do great work and it was worth it to sign on Xanga after 3 months just to comment and update my site xD

  3. Happy anniversary!! May WFP last with lost of common projects, filled with joy& hapiness !! May you have a lots of movies together !! lol! Also thought you knew each other for much more time, it seems you shared more time that i have shared with knowing for 10 years friends ..(O v O) how lucky you are, wish i could work with mines but we are going to so different ways..(^^;)!wish u the best~*

  4. aww what a delightful and intimate entry phil. sorta gay, but i like it. hars hars~ you guys have a beautiful relationship and it’s always been a pleasure playing with you guys in alhambra.
    btw, i’m seriously HOOKED on the office.

  5. It’s a never forgetful anniversary among you 3 and it’s a great memory to treasure forever. To remember how you all started and work together. Keep up with it and their will be more Wong Fu anniversaries to look forward to. Those are very funny pics of Ted and Wes. lol.

  6. Aw, that’s sweet! I don’t know what I’D do without you three together as Wong Fu. So let’s just say I thank you guys for being the best internet video production group ever!And of course happy anniversary!

  7. i don’t say this enough but the three of you guys are truly impressive – can’t believe it’s been two years and beyond. Been a fan for awhile now so wanted to show my support – and you’re up in my old hood, Alhambra🙂 Hope it’s not too hot down there.

  8. Hi Phil. I just recently discovered this blog and I have to say, a lot of your thoughts and thought processes are really insightful, refreshing, and 100% relatable. However, I was disappointed to read the title of this post and read how you use “gay” and “homo” as derogatory terms, in that it’s like you’re reassuring us that you’re not gay and homo and thus, still worthy of our time and energies (and support?). I also noticed that this post was written in 2007, so I’d like to give you the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe your vocabulary has evolved since then (as well as your sensitivities). At any rate, just wanted to put that out there and wish you the best in your projects!

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