ohhh, seven =T

Over the holiday, I watched “Meet the Robinsons”.  I was looking forward to watching it for some time (ever since I saw the T Rex say “I have a big head, and little arms”…genius writing) It was, a really great movie.  Not gonna lie either…I almost cried at the end when everything was coming together for the main character, Lewis. (Yeah so?! I’m not gonna front) =P 
Anyway, Lewis’ main motto in the movie was “Keep moving forward”.  No matter what mistakes you make, or however you’ve failed, you must keep moving forward.  Never quit, never turn it into anger at others or yourself. Turned out it was taken from a quote from Walt Disney himself.

“Keep moving forward” Yeah, I know it was probably a movie aimed at 12 yr olds, but I’ll take my lessons and advice where I can get them.  Seemed fitting what w/ it being the end of the year and stuff.

Somehow another year has gotten by me. It’s amazing how time can pass by so quickly, while feeling so slow at times.
So like, I do this thing on any given day, where I think back to where I was one yr ago.  I don’t know why, but I get some kind of satisfaction out of examining the difference.  Today is no different.  It’s just another day, but according to our calendar, dates must now end with Zero Eight, rather than Zero Seven.  Therefore, I do reflect on where I was, one year ago, and how to keep moving forward.
What was only 12 months, feels like a long time ago.  In that time, I had some amazing highs, and some pathetic, shameful lows.  But what would a year in ones’ life be w/out those ups and downs?  All I can do is acknowledge the change, pray that I learned something from the progression, and of course….be thankful for all that was given to me when I probably didn’t deserve it.

And so, another yearly round of “thank you”s…

First, thank you to the fans across the world for another exciting year of growth in this dream of ours. Your support is unbelievable.  Thank you Gracie for making this city feel a little more like home.  Thank you Jessica for skipping meals w/ your family to grab AU w/ us. Thank you Carolyn for awesome Japanese game shows.  Thank you to all the organizers of the final stretch of tours for believing in us.  Thank you Jason and JR for your heart and dedication in carrying on Ascension. Thank you Nita for always calling (I’m never annoyed).  Thank you Henry for the econ advice.  Thank you Tim and Jesse for always reminding me of simpler times.  Thank you Allen for getting your masters (haha, school is great).  Thank you Carmen for being critical.  Thank you Jennifer for chatting while at work. Thank you Naho for inspiring me through your strength. Thank you Angela for the balloon. Thank you Tom for introducing us to KT Cafe, and for your hustle. Thank you Jeh for picking up after me where I fall short. Thank you Mel for keeping me close, and keeping me in check. Thank you Wes for your talent, your friendship, and listening to my emo-ness.  Thank you Ted for setting an example to work towards, truly believing in this path, and for Excel. Thank you Julia, for your care, support , and patience through one of the most difficult times in my life, and for giving me more than I gave you…

Again I’m inspired, amazed, and humbled by you all. Thank you.

What more can I say?

I hope I did some good this past year. 
I hope I can do better in 2008.  See you there. Forward.


22 thoughts on “ohhh, seven =T

  1. haha u kno i watch a japanese drama called “Proposal Daisakusen” and i got the same message… on new year’s eve too. and so yea. i think now is a good time to start fresh and just look forward to what lies ahead. and yea i also look back and see how i’ve grown and what i still need to do. i understand that satisfaction in doing this sort of thing. sooooo i want to wish you and the rest of the wongfu family a happy new year and courage to keep moving forward. btw… are u still taking those funksf classes? its always fun to have a fellow dancing buddy at those intimidating dance classes with a hundred other super crazy good dancers instead of going alone. haha. but yea. take care and keep up with the good work. =]

  2. haha. This was interesting because I was looking forward to this entry all day (I just happened to notice that you posted a xanga entry every December 31st -__-;;). TwoThousandSeven was a very interesting year in my life because this year I watched my first Wong Fu video ever. ^w^ Just a Nice Guy. I remember I watched it less than a week after Part three was released. I loved it. As the days past I got into Wong Fu more and more. And how was I to know that about five and and a half months later I’d meet the creators of these videos that always brought a smile to my face. UC Berkeley: the best night of my life. And now the year ended and it’s TwoThousandEight. This is probably just the beginning. I hope one day I can meet you guys again. Because at times I miss you guys like CRAZY (even though I probably spent a few minutes you guys). It feels like Wong Fu changed my life. It kind of feels like I’m a different person now. I mean that in a good way. You guys inspired me in a lot of way (too many to name). This comment is getting too long. I’ll stop now. Take Care. Hope you have a great new year! :]]

  3. i also take little life lessons from unexpected places.  over the years, i’ve realized more and more that those tiny life-lessons are the ones that have impacted me the most – cuz it doesn’t come from a lecture or seminar, or from the parentals badgering me about how i should live me life.  it’s simply me, looking around myself and finding the small things that add up to the bigger things.  those little things that you notice and take to heart also say a lot about the person that you are, or the person that you’re becoming.  kind of like a small step to self-actualization.  and isn’t it kinda satisfying to know that you’re learning from everyone and everything around you, whether they stem from good or bad experiences?
    happy new year.  i hope you don’t mind my subscription to you.  i enjoy reading your happy-go-lucky random banter.  =)

  4. “I hope I did some good this past year.”I can clarify that you did do good things this year. Introduced to WongFu Productions a few years back, but thinking it was only a “Yellow Fever” type thing, to come and go quickly. But now, I’m back into the ring of hopes and dreams of three guys that really inspire me to do more than expected. 2007 wasn’t an entirely good year for me, reasons unknown to me, I was just really iffy about it. Then finally getting a hold of this WongFu crazed media (at the end of the year) with really awesome t-shirts (that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! but own only 1 NG shirt…). It’s really been a wrap for me. Not only just reconnecting with the videos that you, Ted, and Wes create but seeing you guys as well. It was more realistic than any other name I’d see for credits after a movie I’d watch, or a show. That I was able to see that WongFu Productions were really just dreams pursued by guys that were once just like me (… except I’m a girl). I just want to say thanks, although you guys are just filmmakers in the process of making it bigger, you have made a different. You’ve done good. :] Happy New Year!

  5. you are a ng. thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to hang out with me when i first came down to la. really. it was probably one of the many highlights of my year. especially since i was so new to la and it really helped me to adjust living there. that i knew some cool people in the area. 🙂 i look forward to seeing you and wes and ted more often (hopefully!) in 2008.

  6. thank YOU phil for Wondergirls and always letting me and jess hang out with you guys when we go up. 2008 is going to be a pretty amazing year i can feel it in my bones! soo onwards and forwards and i’ll hopefully see you soon!tell me tell me t-t-t-t-t-t-tell me

  7. Hey Phil,I want to say first of all… what you, Wes and Ted do is amazing =D You guys are doing what you love and in doing so, you brighten up the lives of your many loyal fans. You’ve turned what started out as assignments for class into a real business! That’s not an easy feat! A lot of people give up along the way, so kudos for getting this far and continuing to go for it! Be proud! I’ve been following your work and I need to tell you that I think that sometimes you are too hard on yourself… Don’t be. There will always be the want to better the person that you are, and it’s great to recognize that need because frankly, not a lot of people do. Just keep chipping away at it and focus on all the good you have done =) There is a reason why you have all these people in your life that you are thankful for…and it’s because…(even though I don’t know you personally)…you must be a great guy :)Cheers! All the best in 2008! Keep it up!

  8. OHMYGAWD, YOU WATCHED MEET THE ROBINSONS. wanna be my new best friend? =] haha buh seriously, isn’t that the best movie ever? ..how everything ties together & it`s just so funny & cute. it’s truly a disney movie that people of all ages can watch, enjoy and love. ive watched it six times …and i`ll watch it again! maybe…six times in 1 month is a lot – i practically memorized all the lines =[ so you can see why i just had to comment…i couldnt resist. “keep moving forward.” youve gotta admit, this is a great motto to live by. i used it today when the the sled got stuck midway down a slope (i went to a snowy place for a family trip). my sister wanted to go back up & try again…she gave me a very impatient sigh& glare when i told her to “keep moving forward.” it was hilarious, lol. ANYWAYS, HAPPY NEW YEARS NIGHT& KEEP MOVING FORWARD =]


  10. Happy New Year Phil! Love to read your posts, always makes me smile =) I also take lessons fron 12 yrs old aimed movies, nothing to be ashamed about it LOL In fact i think these message must be reminded to adults who sadly dont remember them anymore!
    And yup one year makes us change a lot…fortunatly for me it makes me grow slowly but surely haha
    Wish you and Wong Fu the very best for 2008, you always send us warm “thank yous”, but we thank you so much for sharing your experience, success, joy…and emo-sessions haha Your example helps me keep moving foward 😉

  11. Meet the Robinsons was a very good movie. I really loved it. Alot of movies have a very good lesson behind it and sometimes they really get to u. Which happens to me all the time. It help reminds us lessons and things we have forgotten.I can’t believe a whole year have pass. I still remember how it started off as a difficult jobless year and end up being a friendly year. Alot of fond memories to remember it by especially when I have the of chance to meet you and Ted.Keep up the good work and may the very best be with you and Wong Fu.

  12. “Keep moving forward.” Short, yet concise. I never knew that Walt Disney quoted that. Hm, I learned something new today. 🙂
    But I don’t think it’s weird at all that you think back to where you’ve been in a years time. I do that also. And usually, after thinking about how I was a year ago, I would always think about how much I’ve grown in the past years overall. Reminiscing is great, even if you have to think back to your mistakes. You wouldn’t be here without them.
    Anyway, I wanna wish you and Wong Fu Productions good luck for 2008. You guys are great! Keep up the great work. 😀

  13. I don’t know if you’ll ever get around to reading this, ‘cuz you have SO MANY comments (waha okay I just checked–21, lol that’s still 21 more than I usually get! LOL) and just wanted to say that you are a great storyteller! You and Wes and Ted really have a gift and thank God you all share it – gives us wonderful entertainment =]…but turns out you are a good storyteller with writing as well. Keep em coming!!! I am a huge fan!

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