What will you remember?

So I’ve been writing in this xanga thing for almost 2 1/2 yrs, but the truth is I actually keep a hand written journal too… consistently for 8 years now, trying to write twice, at least once a week.  And a few days ago I finished another one.  Another couple more hundred pages filled with documentation of the “Aw Yes!”s and “Aw crap”s in my life, far more personal and in depth than anything I’d be comfortable writing here.

Last entry of “Volume 8”

Sure, make fun of me, call it a “diary” whatever.  But I find something very satisfying and meaningful from recording my thoughts and “freezing” them on paper, the good and bad.  I like writing by hand because I enjoy the organic, analog feel I get from it (I mean, this is the same way ppl hundreds, thousands of yrs ago did it. There were no eprops or :import picture: ).  Even more so I feel like there’s no way to deny that it’s me writing.  What I mean by that is…to those that have kept a xanga, or journal for many years…have you ever read something from waaayyy back and thought “dang, this doesn’t even sound like me, or I can’t believe I wrote this.”  Well, when I write by hand, I know for a fact, that I sat down somewhere, took out a pen, and put it down.  It was Philip, at some age and place.  dang, no idea if that made sense, but it makes sense to me…

If you made it into one of these pages somehow, somewhere… Congrats, you’re immortalized in these journals.  I’ll be 80 someday (hopefully) and read back and still remember what Sally did to me sophomore year of high school.  I think that’s pretty cool/funny.

Yup, 1995.  Thanks to my childhood friend Sam Chieh for getting me that first one.  That four year break was due to it sitting under my mattress because I got lazy then forgot about it.  Until March 2000, when I decided I’d start again. I was 15. Geez that was a long time ago.

Well, I didn’t wanna write a lot today, FAIL, but I could seriously talk on and on about these books and what they mean to me.  I won’t though.  Instead, I’ll leave with a few pictures I took over the time span of this most recent journal. “A picture is worth a thousand words” right? So I let these sum it up..


72 thoughts on “What will you remember?

  1. journals are really awesome… its a nice way to keep yourself occupied and express all the crappy and good stuff that’s happening in your life. I remember i had a diary when i was young.. except one day, i erased it all up, i kind of regret doing that. Ive been keeping a journal since maybe gr 7ish? But then again, i sorta died from writing in them. And then it came back to me when i started high school again but yeah soemtiems, i just get soo busy, i dont have time to write.. but i still try to. It’s nice reading back to handwritten messages, it just seems more real to you, like you can feel it or something. ANYWAYS, i also wanted to mention.. my friend ordered a spencer jr for me.. like when it came out, and it’s still not here, phil.. what happened to my spencer jr ='[
    on the other hand, can’t wait for the new short to come out!

  2. I’m a journal/diary person too =) I’ve sort of quit writing in mine once high school began though because I was busy… ironic, because shouldn’t high school be the time that I’m writing most?Anyways, I seriously love your entries. They’re so inspiring. I wonder what’s in your journals then… xD And those are beautiful pictures!Take care,Sophia

  3. Nice post, Phil! They always seem to come from the heart. I love that you keep a journal. I know you know you won’t regret it. It’s like a time capsule. I also liked the post about eating breakfast outdoors — how nice is that? Lately I’ve been thinking about clearing out my parents’ backyard (it’s a jungle) so we can have summer dinners there. Okay I hope all is good with ya, say hi to the crew for me!

  4. Nice post, Phil! They always seem to come from the heart. I love that you keep a journal. I know you know you won’t regret it. It’s like a time capsule. I also liked the post about eating breakfast outdoors — how nice is that? Lately I’ve been thinking about clearing out my parents’ backyard (it’s a jungle) so we can have summer dinners there. Okay I hope all is good with ya, say hi to the crew for me!

  5. that picture of you guys at the train station. is that the monroe blue line station in downtown chicago? it just looks so much like the typical CTA subway train station

  6. Hmm. volume 8?  That’s awesome.  I don’t know about the term “diary” though.. journal sounds more masculine ^-^ I kid, I kid.. hehe  I applaud the fact that you had kept up with your written thoughts and experiences.. I’m guessing it’s going to be a reference for your future bibliography..?
    & lovely photos by the way.  Keep up the great work* xo

  7. I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to keep my own journal. I’ve had a lot of false starts before, but your own diligence with keeping a journal inspired me to do the same. Especially during a time when I needed it with college letters comming in and whatnot. I know this is an outdated thank you, but thank you nonetheless.Hope to meet you and the rest of Wong Fu in the near future.Cheers.

  8. Journaling — that’s awesome! I’ve tried to start a journal many times in my life, but I always fail a couple weeks later when I realize I haven’t written in, well, weeks. Someday I’m going to figure it out. Maybe. But I agree, writing by hand is cool.
    I really love your pictures — they’re beautiful, and clearly meaningful.
    Great blog, man!

  9. Even with my Xanga for the last… 4-5 years, I’ve also kept a handwritten journal.= )There’s nothing quite like going back into them when you feel like it… I can’t say much else since you’ve already said it all in this post. *thumbs up*

  10. Journals are like these mini-explosive-time-capsules. Every time someone looks at them and looks back, everything just comes in a rush, you know? Well, I find anyway. And the most awesome-est thing about journals is, unlike human brains & the Internet, they remember. They remember why things didn’t work out, why things did, why things matter, why things should be left alone.Props to you for *consistently* writing in a journal (Ha! This must’ve taken awesome perseverance). Props for admitting it. And thanks. (: For helping me remember why I write. In paper.The pictures are beautiful, by the way! The colours are amazingly vibrant. And the pictures actually have meaning too. I loved the last one. (:

  11. I too have kept a written journal from the time I was starting College. at the end of every entry, I thank God for something I have (that I recall) never thanked Him for before in the journals. it is a great way to remind myself that no matter what things LOOK like, there is always something about it for which to be thankful.Cowboy

  12. hehe i don’t think guys who take the time to write diaries are lame, but rather I find them HOT and you know what? they tend to be more emo too…i used to write diaries by hand until xanga, livejournal and all that came along and i find that it’s much faster and more convenient for me to just type up a journal entry whenever and whereever…yah i kind of got lazy so all my entries are online….yet it scares me that if one day, the internet crashes and all my journal entries are gone…i’d cry to death đŸ˜¥

  13. Wow, I just recently found your xanga and as I am reading your entries, I am actually really moved by your words. You’re such a thoughtful person, and it makes me want to explore my thoughts as well.

  14. I am glad someone still likes writing in journals… I find myself writing in my journal from time to time.. it’s a good escape.. if I ever get Alzheimers.. at least I can still find memories of those who were once or still in my life.. dunno if you’ll see this comment, but I am glad your blog is not a daily update on your life but more on the thoughts…

  15. Wow~ it seems I can’t stop wow-ing because I can’t even believe I’m doing this, typing a comment to an entry from 4 years ago! I know it is 4/1/2012. But no, this is not a joke! This is probably some living evidence of the amazingness of e-journal like this and internet. Could you imagine all these entries would some day become like e-fossil? They might look unfamiliar to you later on, but they could on the other hand become treasure for some stranger else. I’m glad that I came all the way and found here, you remind me how meaningful and precious the documentation of one’s thoughts can be. My story is… I didn’t migrate to the new website when they shut down windows live space two years ago; so all those entries for years were literally gone. Or you can say abandoned by me on purpose. Disappeared, for ever. Earlier I thought it might be just a way to say goodbye to my old days. And I never ever since wrote anything. Now all my old days were literally gone. When I look back, I see nothing. There aren’t even memories left as I cannot remember much. May be it’s time to start writing again. Just think it might be helpful to let out some of my feelings and lighten up my life a bit. How inspiring! BTW, thousands of years ago, when our ancestors tried to keep an diary, they had to carve into the stone or bones. So, writing on paper, is way much more modern already.

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