on the road again

For the first time in almost a year, the three of us have ventured off on tour again.  For the last 11 months we’ve been hard at work “at home” laying groundwork for and expanding the company, and creating new content, so we felt it was okay for us to head out again to visit a few schools who wanted us to visit. This one is “short”, just two weeks, and just 5 schools to go to.  Looking back to Nov 2006, I have no idea how we managed to visit 10 schools in the same amount of time.  We were insane/stupid.  But this time around it’s much more relaxed and less stressful.

Unlike the previous tours though, we’re not showcasing the movie we made…instead this time, the schools asked us to speak about Wong Fu Productions.  When we first started putting the events together, I thought it was amusing, because I never woulda really considered what we do to be very interesting to listen to, or if we did talk, we’d just bore people.  The only time we ever talk about our work is with each other, so the thought of sharing it with 1000s of students was something I was nervous about. But we put together a solid program which I think should be sorta engaging. We give a brief history about us, speak about how we work, share what’s new, what’s ahead, what’s changing…and we’re also screening some newer material, along with some pieces that won’t be released online for another month at least.

So far we’ve finished talking at two schools, Northwestern and U Illinois Urbana-Champaign.  It’s great to see our fans face to face again.  Each school has been a wonderful turnout and audience.  I’m constantly amazed, humbled, and grateful for the support and caring audience we’ve been blessed with, in all corners of the US and world. 

It’s been incredibly busy these days.  Our early flight to Chicago and Ted’s sly photo are testament.

Here, another one from Ted’s. We woke up for this one. (on the quad at UI)

If you live in upstate NY, Boston, or near Baltimore…maybe we’ll see you soon. Click the banner for more info.

Well, it’s late, we’re in the hotel, finally had some downtime from the past month, thought I’d pay xanga a visit.  Sorry for two posts in a row about WF.  I know y’all could care less.  heh. =P

looking forward to a nice spring.  Can’t believe it’s almost been a year. dang.


40 thoughts on “on the road again

  1. it’s great that you guys are still inspired, and continue to inspire others.many people need to learn to move forward, instead of giving up. take the easy way out — bad.the weather is too queer for spring.

  2. have some events in california! just because you guys live here, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t promote!!!!!!!LOL. :]the spencer release party was unforgettable :]

  3. Thank you for coming to U of I 🙂 we’re really glad to have you here, in case you didn’t already notice all the girls struggling to contain their excitement…and yay for a beautiful day outside today! The weather’s been rather weird the past few weeks :)P.S. Yes, at the end of this day, we’re all pretty sure we’ve had a better day because of you guys. Thank you again!

  4. agree with YOuR IcKi3R(above me). how can u guy not come bak to the big apple city? i wish i could go to the binghamton one since my friend said i can stay at her place but i don’t have time to go up there.

  5. WHOA!!I live near Baltimore.ARE YOU GUYS REALLY COMING TO UMCP?!?!I want to see you guys. I’m getting really excited. But chances are APs will dominate my social life and I’ll have to get one of my “bad seed” friends to cut school and see you guys.=)

  6. i was actually going to skip school on friday to go to bing to see you guys cuz i didnt get a chance to go when you went to NYU. Sadly i cant because of a stupid college meeting… hopefully when you guys come to the east coast again i can come and see you guys! you guys are awesome ( you probably hear that all the timebut you should believe in it too!)you inspire many ppl including myself! keep it up

  7. i wish i could come listen to u talking about u and ur work, have so many questions in mind i would’ve asked u :)Have a nice tour, and pleaaaaz show us a feedback ASAPand keep giving us regular news Phil, thks so much 4 sharing 🙂

  8. So I met you a few hours ago in Lecture Hall 1 of Bing and I want to apologize. I think I came off..not as enthusiastic as I was. I was the Asian girl (how specific) with the drenched green sweater (yeah I’m sorry I was so gross, I had been outside in the rain before seeing you guys)…demanding hugs & autographs. Sorry. =(. I wish I could have said that I admire you guys for gaining so much independence in your lives and for doing things because you love to do them and because it makes you happy. I wish I could have said so many things. Of course, most of all, I wish I could have said in a meaningful way, 多謝 (get your attention? hahaha)Enjoy the rest of your tour! Pauline

  9. you look SOOOOO much like my boyfriend. the whole face does. the rapid growing facial hair, the nose, the eyes, the eyebrows, the mouth… the perfect teeth….same age, same built, same race. same good looks.. sounds very similar too.. woww………… omg…..you two look the same except that he hasn’t gotten a haircut for a few months. but he always wears his stupid white cap anyway…

  10. I’m so jealous of my friends that got to see you in Bing & BC. I agree with the people who said to come back to NYU. I will be there for grad school in the fall and I would love to meet all of you! Keep up all the great work!

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