follow my lead

I recently went to the wedding of my friend Michael Sunwoo.  Though it
wasn’t my first wedding, it was the first wedding of a friend, and not
like an older church friend or family member.  This was the first time
it was like, my friend…is getting married.  And I thought that was
crazy, but awesome. (I’m guess I’m getting closer to that age when the invites are gonna come more frequently, and I’ll be going
to 6 weddings a yr or something like that [older ppls testify]).

Aside from him being an extremely handsome young man, and his bride
being a gorgeous young lady, the wedding itself was wonderful. These things
added up and I felt what everyone feels when they go to weddings, admit
it or not…love-envy.  It’s the most love saturated event there is, you
can’t help it. They talk about falling in love, being in love, promises
of their love, dying for love, toasts to their love…I mean, it’s some beautiful stuff, and
if you’re human, you want it.

One of the highlights of the wedding, was that at the reception, there
was live music, and they were goood. Not only that, but I had the
pleasure of getting the opportunity to dance with a nice lady.  But I’m
not talking bumpin and grinding (that’s just not as fun). I’m talking hand
in hand, hand on waist, spinning, leading, movingg, with, the, music. 
And it was fun. I haven’t had the chance to dance like that w/ someone
in a very long time, and it was nice to do that again. It was very
innocent, and just playful…and a good reminder.

I miss slow dancing. It seems like that sort of thing gets lost as we
grow up.  It’s such a big deal in middle school/high school (ooo, who’s
he gonna ask???)…but as we get older, ppl just wanna bump and grind.
I mean, freakin it is fine and all… but the good stuff, the deep
stuff, is in the slow dance.  But maybe, that’s what makes it more
special now that we’re older, because we don’t get to as often.

Granted, slow dancing is more reserved for those with significant
others (I mean, that’s where the emotion comes from to make the dance
feel good)…so I strongly encourage those who are in a relationship, or soon
to be…to take advantage of that dance partner.  Don’t waste the
opportunity you have everyday, to simply play a slow song, in your room, from
your car, wherever…and just dance w/ them. It’s easy too, all you
gotta do is just sway, so no excuses saying “I can’t dance”. Just get
close, close your eyes, and move. Please, slow dance whenever you can,
don’t take it for granted… because there’s ppl out there like me who
hafta wait on the few times a year at some friend’s wedding, to get that

Much love-envy for the new couple.

Many wishes for you both and a long fulfilling future.


54 thoughts on “follow my lead

  1. ” there’s ppl out there like me who hafta wait on the few times a year at some friend’s wedding, to get that chance.”Awwh Phillip.. ^^I’ve never slow dance before, Maybe time will come when I get older ^^

  2. First…I’m so sorry for ‘stalking’ your blog today. XD I just want to spend my last day of vacation reading how you’ve gotten to be the Philip Wang we know today in Wong Fu Prod. (Does this even make sense?) OTL This post is the sweetest thing I’ve read in a while ’cause I rarely got to ‘meet’ guys who are nice, sweet and sentimental just like you. I hope you find that girl soon. 🙂

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