Hold on tight!

Taiwan and its moped.
To people there, it’s just their normal way of getting around, the same
way people here have their Civics and Camrys. But to me, and maybe a
lot of other travelers visiting, it appears as something more. There’s something about them that’s so much more personal, more liberating, more intimate.

Why personal? I think for the same reason why bicycling seems that way.  You feel the road, you feel the air, you feel like you’re part of the world, yet at the same time, are totally in your own, flying.

A mother taking her kids to school, so vulnerable driving around the busy streets like that, but at the same time, still so very safe between her arms. Someday, the girls will grow to be too big to fit all on one scooter. The little one might still remember the mornings standing at the front, flying through the city.

Why liberating? Unlike automobiles which to me are “driving machines”, mopeds seem more like “people movers”. Just to get from one little corner of the city to another, no need to worry about parking, or traffic. On a moped, you squeeze through anywhere, park right in front of the shop, come back out it’s right there ready for you to head off on your way. Go wherever you want. Go.

Maybe on a lazy afternoon ride to the outskirts of the city.

Visit your friend. Put the kickstand down and hike up to the 3rd floor.    simple as that. simply

Why intimate? Because as you’re riding, she needs to hold on to you. At a stoplight her arms relax a little. The light turns green, and her hands wrap around again and clench tighter. Maybe it’s late in the evening, and she’s tired, so she’ll lean on your back, resting her head to the side. She can feel your heart beat.

Well! I think my mind and/or heart has greatly over romanticized Taiwan and its moped.  It might not be this “more personal, more liberating, more intimate, people moving vehicle”…
But, I sorta like to imagine it that way.
Makes me wanna get one. If only I had busy city streets to fly through, and her to hold on tight as the light turns green.

I guess for now I’ll just take pictures of someone who does.

ps. Wong Fu’s starting a blog that we’ll update daily. Yep, daily. So visit our site www.wongfuproductions.com to read random blabbings like the ones you read here, except from wes, ted, and myself…each day. ch’yeahh.

Off we go!


53 thoughts on “Hold on tight!

  1. Flying: Inspired by your blog
    Flying down the highway,
    the world beneath our feet.
    But all I really care about,
    is your heart against my cheek.
    Flying with the wind,
    flowing through my hair.
    It doesn’t matter where we go,
    as long as you are there.
    Flying towards the sun,
    and beneath the silver moon.
    Sighing in the wind,
    like a soft love song tune.
    Flying like a bird, 
    in the sky so blue.
    Soaring as I hug
    my arms tightly around you.

  2. hehehe this is totally awesome! I always imagine myself holding onto a guy on a motorcycle…how romantic could that be heh? just never really heard of such things from guys…maybe they llike that idea too but just too shy to share their ideas? For some reason, when I do imagine that, it does feel like i’m living in a very wonderful dream, where the world just stood still for the moment for me…hehe daydreaming and imagination adds a lot to my life as it did to yours too 🙂

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