A mother’s love: Halloween edition

A mother’s love

It’s funny how as we grow up, Halloween changes from an excuse for kids to get free candy, to an excuse for girls to dress skanky sexy. I suppose at both ages we’re indulging in the “bad” side (from chocolate to showing off skin). But anyway…that is another topic w/in itself. 
The typical question to ask is…what are you going to be for Halloween?? For me, I dunno, I haven’t dressed up or done anything special on Halloween for like, the last 6 years. I think the last time was 1st yr of college and I dressed up like “A Surfer” (just wore my suitemate’s boardshorts, yes, not creative at all).

I did a quick search of costumes online to “research” for this post (and also to find those awesome costumes at the top…like my photoshop skillz??) I gotta make a few comments on what I found…

Most costume stores have a section “Sexy Costumes”

The funny thing is…yeah, those are sexy…but, it’s because they have models wearing them.  haha. You’re not gonna automatically look like that when you put it on.  And if you do…dang, call me props to you.
And if you ask me, that last one doesn’t look like proper firefighting attire at all! It obviously doesn’t provide enough protection.

But anyway, eventually I found my way to the kids costumes and it reminded me of two costumes I had when I was a kid… preschool and kindergarten. True stories, I have the pictures to prove it.
In Preschool, my mom drew a pumpkin on a piece of cardboard (about the size of a poster board).  She colored it in, but you could still tell it was cardboard. She put a string around the top, and she put it over my neck.  I was a pumpkin that year. A drawing of a pumpkin on cardboard. Yes. I love my Chinese mom.  But it gets better…
I got to Kindergarten…gotta step up my game, got boys and girls to impress. I loved Teenage Mutant Ninja  Turtles. So my mom dressed me in all green clothes and then, I swear… wrapped a wok in green fabric, and tied it to my back to be my shell.  I wore a freaking wok to school.
sighhh, I do love you mom…but that’s some ghetto costuming. Resourceful yes…but I imagine opening the door on Friday night to a kid wearing a piece of cardboard around his neck, and a kid wearing a wok on his back…and dang, I wouldn’t know what to say.  Maybe I’ll give them an extra piece of candy.
In all honesty, I know that she was doing it out of love, and she just wanted my sister and I to get to dress up and partake in the holiday like all the other kids, so she did what she could.  Thanks Mom.

Nowadays…this is who I’d dress up as.

Holy crap…$800?? forget that… Gimme the $35 one. (now there’s the asian in me)

Happy trick or treating sexifying normal occupational uniforms.



38 thoughts on “A mother’s love: Halloween edition

  1. Hahahaha your mother is too hilarious. I don’t believe in sexy costumes because that defeats the purpose of being a kid all over again. Seriously not creative to be a sexy angel or nurse. Halloween is a time to be creative and original!I’ve come up with a clever halloween costume idea but don’t think I will be putting it to use this year. :T

  2. Hahahaha…this is priceless. i love it! your mom are hilarious. lol. I wanted to dress up this year but in the end i didn’t.. i thought that french maid, cop and angels are too unoriginal. so to next years..maybe =]

  3. I think the wok thing was definitely creative. I wouldn’t have thought of that. My parents certainly didn’t. But then again, my mom was intent on making sure we were pure ABCs, which means she had to buy us costumes. I think I would’ve preferred the wok. :)Who knew you could sexify Harry Potter?Now that’s just scary.

  4. hahaha, your mom’s too funny. I would’ve chosen a broken umbrella, a green one, and use a sharpie to draw thick lines on the turtle shell. It sure is lighter than a wok. muhahaha

  5. get the 800 dollar one!!!that way you’ll be forced to wear a costume EVERY YEAR, you’ll have to maintain your weight, and you’ll readily be prepared for battling intergalactic terrorists (for that price, there BETTER be SOME kind of Halo authenticity about it.) All in all, good investment!
    When i was little, my mom cut bed sheets to make me a ghost. and when halloween was over, she’d repatch the sheets with the cut-outs to make it “like new.” AHH ASIAN PARENTS ARE HELLA CUTE!

  6. it’s soo true about how halloween is an excuse for girls to dress all slutty and skanky…”sexy”. i was just talking about that with my friend this afternoon. Maybe it’s an asian perspective??
    ps. i love your blogs!! and your kindergarten costumes are hilar!happy halloween!

  7. Best thing to do during Halloween: Stay Home. :PTurn off all the lights and sit in front of the TV to watch some horror films with someone who is terrified before it even starts.Or you can be the one PowerRanger among the crowd of princesses/superheros.Pros: Listening to the screams of your friend as you try to hold in your laugh.Cons: I guess you cant go out to see the ‘sexy’ outfits at the parties.Anyways.I hope you had a wonderful Halloween. ^^

  8. HAHAH AWWW thats cute you have any pics to post it upYou with a wok on your back ? lolI was a pumpkin too , think from kindergarten – gr3Cause my mom bought me like a L* so I can grow into itChinese moms.. LOL

  9. Thank you for cheering up my fun-filled SATurday (catch that drift? see we’re all asian here!)
    I read this blog to my mother and brother. My brother and I were laughing at how “chinese” your mom is, but my mom commented on how creative she was.. LOL
    Thank you for brightening my day 🙂

  10. that’s very cute, a wok! your mom is so creative! oh yea it’s a smart idea, your wok will definitely protects you from if someone decides to attack your back or something.

  11. I feel… I don’t go trick-or-treating anymore, but I dressed up in an ugly maroon bathrobe and wielded a sword as a ninja. Another year, I wore a pumpkin t-shirt; which my mom promptly returned the next day. High five for cheap, err, resourceful Chinese mothers! 🙂

  12. Hehe you’re mom is creative at least…I remember when I was a kid and wanted to dress up for halloween, I had to make my own costume which was pretty lame…I was a cloud of that year…in grade one b/c I only had a big blue poster board at home and that was the only thing I could think of haha when I grew older, I became a Jester trying to make others around me laugh…hehe childhood memories, although a little silly at times, brings back the best memories and laughters 😉

  13. I read this in 2012. How awesome is that? =DYour story is super hilarious, especially about the green wok. I couldn’t stop laughing. Thanks for saving my Friday night from boredom.

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