The banjo ain’t a bad instrument. y’all

I’m not ashamed to say that I enjoy Country music. Though I’m not an avid listener, I’m not like those people who go “UGH PUKE” the half second they hear country while skimming through the radio.
I think it started in high school…through music videos actually.  I saw a few, I forget by who, and I was drawn/moved by some of the stories being told through the video. And that’s what it really is…story. Country songs, for the most part, tell stories. Often heartfelt ones too. It could be argued as being emo…but I think they’re a lot sweeter than whatever “emo” is defined as. Country songs deal w/ family, dad’s and daughters, childhood, missing home, escaping, young love, growing up…not just…”no one loves me”. And these are stories I can relate to.

And this leads me to this conclusion. Asian pop music is equivalent to American Country. Why? Because both are usually always love songs, sad, and tell stories. Correct me if I’m wrong, because I’ll admit that I can’t understand most of Jay Chou…but at least from what I gather in the music videos…they’re reaching for a story. Keyword: story.

Back to Country, and to further embarrass myself… I’ve recently become a fan of Taylor Swift. Granted she’s pop-country, like Carrie Underwood (who I also enjoy lately)…I’ve been listening to her songs and really empathize with the stories she’s telling (of course replacing “boy/he/him” with “girl/she/her” in the lyrics). Furthermore, when I hear the stories being sung, I see it visually in my head, and that just adds another level of enjoyment. Sort of like reading a book vs. watching a movie. The lyrics in country songs really paint a picture. Additional reasons why I feel for certain stories in her songs are more personal…but you get the idea.
Hmmm, I’m sharing the same thoughts/emotions as an 18 year old girl.  hrmmm, that’s…disturbinggg. Oh wait, the songs are written by older guys I’m sure…ahem. yeah…totally

Anyway, she’s totally awesomerz aight. This generation’s Shania Twain and Faith Hill (who I liked back in high school too). If you think I’m crazy…watch, give it a chance, and then make fun of me. Here’s her latest:
Love Story
If that actually intrigues you…search her songs “Tim McGraw” and “Our Song”. thoser nice.

Lastly, I think another reason why I like these songs (mainly by females) is because I like to imagine what it’d be like to have someone special be writing these songs about me. That might be super homo, but whatever, I’m saying it. I’ve written enough music about certain special people, I feel entitled to imagine a song for me. haha. I think I first thought of this when I started listening to Colbie Caillat and wishing she were singing to me (dang she’s so good). I know girls fantasize about having a guy write a song about/for them…so f the double standards and let me do the same!

Ok, i’m gonna regret sharing this tomorrow morning. goodnight.

11/11/08 UPDATE: I woke up. I don’t regret sharing this.
11/12/08 UPDATE: I just bought Taylor Swift’s new album “Fearless” and enjoy it unashamedly.


62 thoughts on “The banjo ain’t a bad instrument. y’all

  1. so just lurking late when i should be doing my bio/chem/philos to your xanga from wes’s xanga from the gokuri ad (pwn) from the wongfuproductions website.saw thomas’ apartment stuff on here.bass player (nam) is my dad’s coworker at ncr. dad dated nam’s mom, who was over almost always. small world! sortof. and awkward.friend couldn’t stop badgering me to give him a thomas’ apartment cd because nam had given us a couple to distribute.anyway, i really like your vids and i see a lot of people trying to do what you do but aren’t as successful. πŸ™‚ i loved the bear short. it was so cute! the little tiny one! :)do u even read these and do u even care? i don’t think i would (to answer both). anyway it’s cool if you do. goodnight!

  2. Whatever floats your boat, dude.= )Don’t mind anyone else…… and after watching the music video (with the link you provided), I have to agree I like the song.I’ll go through her other stuff tomorrow afternoon though.

  3. You aren’t really supposed to understand Jay when he’s sings. He said in an interview that he made it his signature style after someone pointed it out to him. Also, he said that he would rather have his listeners watch his videos and be inspired to read his lyrics and treat them like a novel. His videos are supposed to be what you see when you read the lyrics. (Got it all from CNN Talk Asia interview.) And to each his own with the type of music that you like, but country music is very addictive. I used to not like it so much until a roommate played it all the time and now I’m a fan too. πŸ™‚

  4. Jay Chou is cool. Have you seen him in Kung Fu Dunk and Secret? I haven’t heard Taylor Swift’s songs yet. I actually don’t really make it a habit to listen to country music, but it’s not like I don’t like it. I just listen other genres more.

  5. AHAHAH…i LOVE taylor swift too.. i just got her new album its awesome. I started listening to country in high school when the rest of my cheerleading squad (Who were all white, and i was the only asian) listened to it during practice. It was awesome. And i totally noticed that as well, that country songs tell a story in their music. Although sometimes it can get ridiculous (the story) i still heart it. You should also check out Michelle Branch and her song co-written by jessica harp, another country artist. THey’ve formed a band called “The wreckers” and they have an amazing song “leave the pieces.” If you haven’t heard it already, I think it played on the radio for awhile a year or two back. I think if you like taylor swift, you’ll definitely like that song. Check it out! Tell me if you like it. YOu can youtube it I believe.

  6. Wow, I can’t believe you like Taylor Swift, bc not a lot of guys I know do, or at least will admit to. Even when I tell people i’m in love with her songs, they look at me funny and I’m a girl!!!! btw I really need to lay off watching the video blogs/shorts/etc on the website bc they’re all so good/entertaining and I really should be getting onto that studying! Anyway, just a way to say, you guys are cool πŸ™‚

  7. dude, it is definitely not anything to be ashamed of to be into Taylor or country in general. I got into her recently and I can relate as a guy to what she talks about. oh, I got the new FM album and I’m rocking it as I work, it’s amazing. Give them props. And Up in Da Club is awesome so far. See ya Phil, you’re really cool, don’t worry about it.

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