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After graduating college, it’s common and common sense for most ppl to move home. That never happened as I moved w/ Wes and Ted to LA right away, so I actually haven’t lived at home since high school. Though I do miss home and living up here, I do like that visiting home has become an “escape” and serves as mini vacations away from my work life, where I can revisit a place and time before I had to grow up.

One of the greatest things about coming home after being away is the return to familiarity. Familiar places, sights, feelings, roads, friends. It’s the “default”. I often think of home as the “constant” in my life. While everything else in my life is up in the air in a whirlwind of variables, home stays consistent and therefore helps remind me of what’s real, and what’s important.

“Consistent” is a lenient word though, since things do change at home, but for some reason, all the things that really matter are the same. My sister, though we argue a lot less since our teen yrs, she’s still the same. My friends, I sometimes worry because we still act like we’re in high school, except now we’re all working. Parents…yeah, still asking if I’m eating right and staying warm, but thank goodness, I finally have no curfew…SCORE!

As for me? Well, I don’t think I’ve changed that much in the last 10 years either. Besides my pants being a little less baggy, and having to shave more often…I still feel the same . Maybe that’s a bad thing, haha


Even my haircut has stayed the same. Besides buzzing it a couple times, and letting it grow out once 5 yrs ago…I’ve got the same hairdo. I’m boring like that. So since I’m home for the holidays, I had to stop by the old place I used to get my haircut. “Mona Lisa Hair Design” in Fremont. Yeah, around sophomore yr of hs, in efforts to try and be “cool”, I let my mom off the hook, and started going to a barber. Since we had cousins in Fremont, 40 min away, I got my haircut here, a Chinese place, when we went to visit them every few weeks. My mom said “chinese ppl know how to cut chinese ppl’s hair better.” I had a crush on the young lady who cut my hair, never told her. Tina was her name. sigh. Told you I haven’t changed.

Another thing I like about coming home… The shower heads are really high.

Back to LA in a couple days. Back to…low shower heads.

A new year in a few days. Are you kidding me?


32 thoughts on “HOMEpage set to Default

  1. Asian people definitely know how to cut Asian hair better than other people, hahaAnd yeah, I feel the same way about home.. it’d be nice to live at home as to not pay rent but it’s just more awesome living away and coming back home every so often.

  2. really love the pictures esp the first 2 <3yeah, it’s really nice to be home… though i’m living at home now but that may change depending on where i go next ‘school’ year. but i totally agree with you with everything you said in this post… sometimes it’s just nice to go back to a place where everything is ‘calm’, i guess?Anywho, Happy [Early] New Year, Philip & to Wes/Ted!

  3. I’m still in college, but going home seems more strenuous to me. I think it’s because I haven’t been away enough. Maybe if I’m away for a much longer period of time I’ll like coming home a lot more.And I had the same feeling about new years. 2009 in a couple of days? WHERE’D ALL THAT TIME GO?Thanks for your entry. I think it helped me enjoy home a little more than before.

  4. ohbaby, but then all the Asian guys are going to track down that barber and say “Excuse me, can I get the Phillip haircut?” hopefully it’s not boring, its you.
    -mesmerized by simple photography- home is a sweet place. happy 2009 to be~

  5. no one likes change =P it’s like going into your favorite restaurant wanting to try something new, only realizing that you should have stuck to the usual. hahahandd i’m sure you’ve changed more than you think you have. 10 years is a long time haha

  6. love this post! i guess as we grow, we tend to change though not too drastically but something would’ve changed…oh yea, it is already 2009 here…so wishing you a great year…and many more great posts to come hehe…

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