My “comment” to you

I realized tonight that I’ve never acknowledged this before…but just so you know…I do read all the comments that are left here. Since the beginning.
I was reading some past entries and going through the comments and it really hit me how lucky I am to have the support and encouragement of so many ppl that have never met me but somehow feel connected through my work or writing (along with some friends who are still subscribed to me and helping me keep xanga alive…haha. are you guys still there?)

When we were younger I think that we were given more opportunities to receive and give written words or encouragement or appreciation (Vday cards in elementary school, cards to your friends, notes you pass to your gfs or bfs, that sort of thing). As we get older, it’s less likely for that to happen…who has time to write “feelings”? But the written word is so powerful. It physically lasts and is not as easily forgotten as spoken words.

These days the secret notes and spiderman vday cards are gone…but I get txt on a monitor. And you’d be surprised
how some pixels on a computer screen from ppl I don’t even know can make such a difference. So I just wanted to let you know, those who are reading, that your warm words go a long way. More than you know. I don’t know why I deserve such kindness.
<embrace> Thank you.
<embrace tighter> thank you.


100 thoughts on “My “comment” to you

  1. I think I’ve always wanted to leave you comments because I can always relate to the things you write and I love reading them but everytime I start writing a comment I end up deleting it, well anyway since you do read them I’ll finally submit this comment. 

  2. We never understand why we deserve the love we have in our lives. The thing is to simply never take for granted and always appreciate. Boy I sound cheesy… Since I can’t buy you a cup of coffee, an eprop will have to do. You are blessed! Lucky you!

  3. You should update on Xanga more! Although it’s always nice to see you, Wes & Ted take turns on your blog site writing entries.
    I think my favorite entry from you here on Xanga is the one about writing in journals because it’s a way to create memories. Your entry really encouraged me to going back to that habit and now in total I have 9 handwritten journals collectively from over the years. Thanks Phil πŸ™‚

  4. πŸ™‚ nice update.. something new to read. People will always be reading your Xanga! I occasionally check back to see if you update, because your updates on Xanga is definitely different from your updates on wfp.. I think the things you do make a difference and everyone wants to support ya to make sure you don’t forget that people do want you to succeed and keep up the great work. Everything you do is recognized.. It’s funny when someone messages me a sends me a link on youtube and tells me to check it out and realized that they’re sending me one of your videos. I laugh and say that I’m a fan already and seen everything. πŸ™‚ Be proud.

  5. Awww. The embrace is so much appreciated! I’m glad I was able to come across your videos and al of WongFu’s work.I love the close relationships that you share with Wes and Ted. Friendship is so important!I wish you all the best! ❀

  6. i think everyone appreciates u (as in all three WF boys) cuz of many reasons. some of which are: 1) u do it (blogging, commenting, creating etc) cuz u want to, not cuz u have to. 2) the creativity that resonates thru each project is elaborate, yet concise and personal instead of plain and/or haphazard/meaningless. 3) theres not a whole lotta people out there that are transparent nowadays. the blogs and wut nots that are posted tend to intelligently show that u are. and 4) its sometimes just cuz ur just gosh darn cute.  ….sorry, had to slip that one in somehow =D  i appreciate u n ur projects. they let me smile at the end of any hard day. Mahalo

  7. something that james blake once said (that i will remember for the rest of my life) is that often times we ask ourselves ‘why me?’ during rough times, but during good times do we ever ask ourselves ‘why me?’ i think it’s great that you ask yourself why you deserve such kindness. we all need a reality check every now and then πŸ™‚ with that said, thank you for all of your hard work, and good luck with your future projects!

  8. your posts ALWAYS inspire me and make me think.i love how there are still people like you in this world and you deserve all the kindness everyone has to offer. props to you phil.

  9. we enjoy reading your entries as much as u like reading our comments.  Thank you for sharing your “feelings” through your blog and allowing us to share our thoughts with you.
    Keep the entries coming! =)

  10. was reading your “strangers again” entry from the past summer. :sigh:i still like to leave little notes to friends whenever i get the chance. its so much meaningful to write out the little things and how much someone means to you via notes or letters. but it slowly decreases as we become older because we have less and less time for others while we try to find more and more things to fill up all the time we already have for ourselves. :sighhh:

  11. Hey Phil, Funny thing happened to me today. For Theory of Knowledge class we have to read a book called Sophie’s World, a question that was asked in the book was, “Why is Lego the most ingenious toy in the world?” That made me think of Up in Da CLUB!! haha and ur blog entry on legos….so what do you think??

  12. It’s really great that you read all the comments from fans. Your blog on the main website and this one really helps us stay connected to you guys. Keep up the great work… baller πŸ˜‰

  13. You deserve all these kind words/comments because your interest/career is really admirable. I love receiving/giving things that express feelings as well…that’s why I love cards! Probably one of the best things to get for birthdays and other special occasions…

  14. Awww, Phil. That was soo sweet! And yeah, it’s wonderful when people take the time to make a comment, write a note or something for others. Especially when you get things in the mail, i love getting things in the mail. Haha! And you, wes and ted all deserve all this support because you guys bring us SO much joy :]And yeah, it’s so true. Words are so powerful and have so many meanings, a simple “thank you” can mean so much.And I’m glad that you enjoy all this “text’ you get :] And seriously, you and wes and ted all put so much efforts into your work and you share with us your passion, happiness, and laughter. It’s amazing what you guys are doing, and you all have to keep doing it, never ever give up… and always know that everyone deserves something like this!Ohkay, my comment was super long. oops ._.

  15. you know what phil? you’re so gay. i just feel it. nah, kiddin’! ok, here’s why you deserve such “kindness”… it’s because you’re truly passionate and committed with what you do. and people know that, especially the *girls* and guys, too, i guess. i think it’s not exactly “kindness” you are getting from us. it’s APPRECIATION and ADMIRATION in their purest forms. the more people see and feel your constant hardwork and undeniable devotion to your work, they (we) begin to truly appreciate and deeply admire you more. everything you get from us emanates from our hearts–all because you always put your heart out in everything you do and we see and feel that “heart” everytime. sincerity begets sincerity. heart-begets-heart sorta thing. but in your case, it is a heart-begets-a-thousand-or-a-million-hearts sorta thing. ❀

  16. ok, imma sleep now phil. you get some sleep too. i know the types of you, you sleep sooo late.  so mwah! i wish i’d dream about you tonight (seriously), shirtless, with a lil bit of unshaved facial hair, and with a well-toned physique while searching for some snacks to eat after editing a bunch digital video files… haha. ah, you’re such a natural intelligent loveable charmer. πŸ˜‰ that’d be  the  dream.
    sleep. sleep. sleep. (

  17. I don’t think I’ve actually commented on any of your posts before, but I think each of them has touched my in a certain way. Even though these things aren’t as personal, they don’t lose the touch and feeling behind them. It’s amazing how we can relate to things and people around us that we’ve only seen but never really known. You deserve all the kindness from us because you are in inspiration to us and we love to believe in you guys. You guys work hard and it motivates us to become at least half as good as what you guys have become.Keep up everything you do and no matter what, we’ll never lose faith in Wong Fu. ❀

  18. you, wes, & ted’s videos got me through my college apps this past winter, for sure. i’d reward myself with a few more videos each time i made progress on my essays haha(: thank you guys.. for that! (now i have yet to thank you guys in person. hahah)

  19. Just wanna thank you for the first indirect, smallest, connection I’ve had with my best friend for over a year. I lost her a year ago due to many misunderstandings and faults along the way. now that i know shes attending your show in sf palace of fine arts, I know shes been checking out your videos on the website. So when I’m browsing the site as well, I cant help but smile and think that at least im connected with her again. Even in the most subtle hidden ways. Thanks.

  20. i got here through wongfu website a long time ago, and always like reading your posts, your writing is easy to connect to. also a 1st commenter. keep writing!

  21. Hey Phil,I know you’re a super busy guy, buuuut I was wondering if you could help me out.I created my very first YouTube video for a viral advertising hw assignment and only have ONE WEEK to get as many views as possible. It has nothing on your videos since I’m not a professional like you guys are, but could you re-post my link on your Xanga, Twitter, blog, and/or wherever? I’d greatly appreciate it!””Btw… turns out we both know Fiona. πŸ™‚

  22. Thank you too!
    for staying so humble and down-to-earth even under the spotlight =)
    and it always cheers me up to see people live with a fire for life. You and the rest of the crew are beautiful sparks.

  23. ha; I still write letters and send things in the mail but apparently its not environmental…so yes; I guess a digital hug will doif only one can send that through the the post officebut then againthey have bad service..and shipping is getting more expensive..

  24. you guys are really amazing.ive seen so many of your videos and read your entriesbut this is the first time im actually showing some sort of support for you guys,if you can call this tiny comment “support”keep up that awesome work guys :]

  25. hi philip! for some odd reason I just started back up on my xanga a few days ago and stumbled across yours! πŸ™‚ and i do agree that written words are powerful. they’re almost tangible and it is soo weird looking back at our blogs yearrrs ago! I just got into wong fu a few months ago but i honestly love love you guys! really, if you get a chance you can read my latest blog (3.20) cause I mention you guys and the whole Asian American empowerment. You guys are awesome, I hope you continue with your success and I hope to meet you someday! :)<3 Jenny

  26. I don’t believe you actually read -every-single-comment…..
    BUT … in case you do, you and your friends are definitely doing a great job and I love your work. Thanks for all the laughter and entertainment!

  27. Do you read all your comments? Really? (I hope you’re not just saying that, hahahha- I know how busy you guys are!). I feel like if I comment you, it’d just be dwarfed by everyone else’s, and you wouldn’t even notice it. =( I hope you’re doing lovely, mr Philip Wang. =) My comment to you, from the bottom of my heart.-Winnie

  28. yu are way too awesome.. really. but don’t stop πŸ˜‰ hahaI’m sure if it were possible, yu would still be getting a ton of “secret notes” and those corny valentines cards :DI never knew yu had a xanga till now, but I will most definitely read through all your posts =) ..once I’m done my finals! haha.take caree ❀

  29. You don’t know me, but I wonder if you read this like you say. I do not know how to explain it, but you say that you “have the support and encouragement of so many ppl that have never met me.” I did meet you once as a so called ‘fan,’ and I took a omg-look-who-I-met-picture. I am not the type of person who gets crazy over celebrities even though it is nice to see the person in real life. However, after taking that picture I felt awkward. I did not know you; I only knew your work.
    What is the point of being a “fan” if you do not know the real person? To me being a fan is like being a fake friend. I like your work and would like to know more about it, but I get the  feeling of fakeness and find the impossibility of being more connected (as in a friend). Do you understand what I mean?

  30. Hey, I’ve recently come upon Wong Fu Productions, and I wanted to know all three of you more, so I started reading all the “About Us” sections, and “History,” and looking up your tours and listening to you three explain how you started and how everything has developed into what it is today, 2011. First off, I need to tell you that I am enchanted by your work, and everything you say, especially these reflections. I am only a freshman in high school right now, (on a side note, you posted this on my birthday, and it said “1996 views” for this post, which is my birth year–coincidence?) and I am thinking a lot about my life, what I want for the future, and trying to understand all the hardships of life and relationships of friends, family, everyone. What you write down soothes me, calms me down, and lets me relax to know that someone out there has been through tough and memorable times, and that he is giving me advice and opinions about what he believes “life” is. To many, I am a really sophisticated 15-year-old. You don’t know how much your writings and works inspire and encourage me to persevere, letting me know that one day, I can find my passion. You said, “I didn’t chase my passion. I chased…something, and became passionate about it.” That is a quote I hold onto dearly. Please, continue to live your life to the fullest, and enjoy every moment of it. I don’t know if I really want to meet you in person; you’re a role model to me, and not knowing you somehow makes you a person I want to strive to be like, and if I do get to know you, would that take the magic out? Maybe, maybe not. It just might show me how you ARE real, and that I CAN do something meaningful. And Phil, don’t think about why you “deserve” kindness, because no one needs to “deserve” it. You are worth more than simply kindness. I do hope to meet you face to face one day, say, at an ISA concert or somewhere, and show a part of my gratitude to you (because I just can’t find a way to let you know the immensity of my gratitude), and let you know what I have done to chase after that something which will one day become my passion. Keep on continuing doing what you do; I will be your supporter throughout it all. And, “who has time to write “feelings”?” Well, you do, and I do. I believe a handful out there still does. Don’t ever lose the meaning writing has for you, just because other people don’t care to write their own feelings down. It’s a waste.This post of yours is two years old…I wonder if you’ll ever see this comment. If you do, let me say thank you, once again, and if you don’t, I’ll inform you when I get to meet you one day.My name is Michelle, and I hope you actually understood my comment.

  31. 100th comment for this post – I’ll confess I’m not a fan from the very beginning, but I’m working hard to catch up. It’s comforting to know that you stay grounded, appreciate your fans and continue to do what you love. Keep it up πŸ™‚

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