Growing up vs growing old

There is definitely a difference.

Growing up means that you are gaining a better understanding of the world you live in, your relationships, your goals and how to affect them.
Growing old means that things are happening to you and your true desires remain unexplored.
Growing up means you accept and are open to the changes that we ALL eventually go through at some point and adapting to them gracefully, yet not always willingly.
Growing old means you reject or resist the way the world and you inevitably change.
Growing up means reflecting on yourself critically, in efforts to improve and continually evolve your abilities to learn, relate with others, and feel.
Growing old means…dude you just don’t get it.

A part of me is growing old. I can’t deny. I think at some point we all reach the threshold of how “hip wit it” and open-minded one can be (but I don’t think that comes until wayyyy later). I’m not quite there yet… but my rising number of age, my ability to recognize more songs on the “old school” radio station, and my weaker back are definitely telling me that yes, I’m growing older.


for the first time, I think I’m also growing up. And not like the “growing up” I superficially said when I moved to college and thought I was sooo mature.
2009 was special. It was definitely better than 2008, and far better than 2007. And when I look back to think, why… it’s because, I think I’m growing up.
I won’t go into the personal details of what that specifically points to, but let’s just say… I’m not so afraid anymore, I feel like I’m a little more in control, I’m finding joy more often, and the relationships with people close to me are feeling stronger and deeper.

So when I’m with friends and we joke how we’re getting older and older, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing. When we meet younger ppl in high school or college and they tease us about being “old”, I don’t feel embarrassed. I feel like it’s better up here, and it’s going to get even better…because we are progressing in life. Progress is what makes life exciting. (As much as I loved my hs and college yrs, I would not want to be a freshmen all my life)
I’m 25. Smack dab in the middle of my twenties. Most of us in this decade are lost and trying to find out what we want or can do with our lives. I’m definitely still part of that in may ways. I’m far from being an adult with a firm grasp on my life, but like I said before, I’m a little less scared of the future than I was before.
(geez I hope I don’t eat these words in a few yrs, jinxing myself right there)

And all this is directly affected by the wonderful people in my life who I must thank this year as I have done each New Years Eve in the past. Without them playing specific roles in my life the past 12 months, I would be writing a much different, more emo, entry.

Thank you to all the fans and supporters out there who have ever watched, passed on, purchased, read anything related to Wong Fu. We are fully aware that we’re nothing without you, and can only hope to keep you around =P. Thank you to our friends around the country who have cared and believed in us enough to organize a tour event, you don’t realize how much it means to us. Thank you Regina, Mary, Philip for being honorary interns and PAs. Thank you Tom for always making us feel like we’re VIP even though you have a million friends. Thank you Diana and FM for being rockstars and setting an example of hard work and dedication paying off. Thank you MamaD and 4C girls for driving up and down CA for us. Thank you Chris for your enthusiasm and anxiousness for THE project, we can’t wait to start either.. Thank you David for truly opening up the world of YouTube to us, and for jackhammer. Thank you Christine and Kevin for the laughs and telling us your seeecrets! Thank you Carmen for your courage to pursue a passion. We can sorta relate, hehe. Thank you Eric for always treating us like your best clients. Thank you Mimi for not changing at all over the yrs, in a good way, and for always being down for Cotton Candy. Thank you Susan for your unhealthy competitive nature…it fuels me. We miss you down there. Thank you Jesse for going to Taiwan, awesome to see you going for it! Thank you Henry for your business analytical gibberish and believing so much in our company. Your turn next. Thank you Allen for all the trips back to LA. LIVE will be waiting for you next time. Thank you Tim for not being too old for sleepovers, and always asking the right questions. Thank you Jeh for your strength and perseverance, no one can really understand what you go through, and I really respect you for that. Thank you Ben for willingly joining our family, it’s infinitely better with you, than without. Thank you Wes and Ted, over and over again…it’s the same thing, do I even need to say it anymore? You already know. Thank you Sharon for your patience and understanding. I know I don’t make it easy, but that’s what makes you awesome and special and what I believe will make us stronger in the future.

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, I make End of the Year Conclusions.
2009 I feel was the start of something truly grand. I hate having high expectations, but I feel like 2010 is screaming for it. Here’s to growing UP even more in the coming year. Last year I closed saying “onward”. This yr…



47 thoughts on “Growing up vs growing old

  1. It sounded like you made a Thanksgiving speech for New Years. (:& it must be great surrounded by so many people who support you guys.I hope 2010 is an even bigger year for WongFu& good luck to you & all of your goals.P.S. Sleep early, my dad says its the trick to growing old gracefully. πŸ˜›

  2. I don’t really comment on your blog much but I love to read your entries! I especially enjoyed reading this one. I was just contemplating about this same topic earlier… haha I’m just in college, just barely entered the adult life so I’m going through the stage of “hating that I’m growing up.” … or oldIt is definitely true for me too that 2009 was so much better than past years despite it being a tough one. I guess that should mean 2010 should be even better πŸ™‚ Have a great 2010! πŸ˜€

  3. thank you phil for this wonderful blog and thank you phil (and wes and ted) for making wongfu be able to continually exist and always continuing to bring happiness into our worlds… :]happy new years eve! and have a happy 2010!

  4. We’re in our prime right now! At least, that’s what I try to believe =P. You guys had a great 2009 and I’m sure you will have even bigger things in store next year. Thanks for doing what you do.

  5. Happy to hear that this year has ended on a positive note for you, Phil. Friends and family do make all the difference! I’m +5 years ahead of you and I have to say things do continue to get better. Much like you I felt lost for much of my mid-20s, but I like to think of that as much-needed wandering as opposed to time wasted. And, from what I hear from people who are +10, +20, and even +30 years ahead, the best is yet to come. Like you said, it’s about growing up, not growing old. As the idiom goes, onward and upward! Or, as a very wise, talking sci-fi plastic toy might put it: To Infinity and Beyond!

  6. Phil, I’d recommend reading “Quarterlife Crisis” if you get a chance. It helps with the transition of being in your 20s. It helps with the growing up/growing old questions and issues along the way (I’m turning 24 in a month) πŸ˜€

  7. nicely put. Resolutions isn’t something we just come up with it takes a bit of conversion and it may be something I can find through my conclusions. I’ll try that this year.Thanks and Happy New Years.

  8. loved your post. i make “end of the year conclusions” as well, and at 24, i feel more lost than I’m accustomed to/comfortable with. I agree though – life is about making yourself better, obtaining better dreams, better goals, figuring out the small improvements which will someday turn into big accomplishments. Personally, I love what Wong Fu stands for and think what you guys do is awesome. So as a fan, THANK YOU, and thank you for your thoughtful posts and for making us reflect, because in a small way you make our lives better with your videos – u make us laugh, u make us think, and u give us asian americans someone to look up to. haha, that sounded alot more mushier than I intended, but seriously – totally awesome, and happy new year =)

  9. 2009 was quite a year. i had “growing up” experiences too. they were hard, a lil shitty but my end of the year conclusions tell me i survived and became a lil more mature. good entry. πŸ™‚

  10. You have Such Awesome Insight for Such an Ordinary Guy, who does Extraordinary things for the The Simple/Complex Minded People on Earth…Blessings to see your Line of Work and words resonate from a honesty Soul…God Blessings and Happy Grace Finding in this New Year, and Hope to see You make More LEGENDARY Videos…!

  11. Happy New Years, Phil. (Woot, first name basis! haha)You’re a dude full of wisdom, I hope you continue on a happy path in life with whatever it is that you do, I wish I was your age already (maybe….2 years younger? haha!)Cheers to you!Have a year full of fun, excitement, happiness but be safe and healthy~ (You, Ted and Wes and your families C= )

  12. i never really thought about the difference between growing up and growing old till now. thanks for the insight. good luck with your endeavors in 2010!

  13. I’m glad and happy to hear that you’ve had such a wonderful 2009 and that your life is filled with support and wonderful ppl!! Happy New Year and wish you all the best πŸ™‚ 

  14. Side note: I guess one thing that makes you unique from other typical guys is your emotional words….if only more ppl can express their appreciation of family, friends, and loved ones more in words and/or actions, then the world could be a better place hhaha

  15. You’ve made many milestones. May you continue to move upward, where challenges you may face will help you grow and more success is just around the corner.I don’t believe in doing new year’s resolutions. I believe that you should be trying to improve yourself and develop positive goals each day of your life. It looks like you are doing just that =).

  16. keep it up man. you’ve been working on settling the foundations for your life for a while now, so I guess it’s probably around time things started to take root and grow strong. Happy new year, and all the best to you and the rest of wong fu for the new year.

  17. hello. i rarely xanga but i read your entries time to time and this entry especially caught my eye! great attitude, great year spent, and a new year awaiting!~ πŸ™‚

  18. I love the thought you put into every blog. it’s meaningful and it’s crazy that many can relate. it’s well put out and 25 isn’t that old… or maybe i’m just saying that cuz i am too. LOL! =P

  19. awww i always enjoy your reflection posts. happy new year! I still mean what I told you at my bday/maitreya although I’m sure you don’t remember! hahah here’s to a bright 2010.

  20. pwangsss, i can’t believe it’s only been a year since i’ve met you guys and yet i feel like we’ve been friends for much longer. 2009 has been a great year, but i have a feeling 2010 is going to be.. (for lack of better words).. nuts!!! and i’m so glad we have such a great team to work with, as well as creative, innovative and good-hearted leaders like you. :)i look forward to sharing a happy, successful, and FUN 2010 with you and the rest of the guys! there shall be many more sleepless nights to come.. :Phere’s to GROWING UP together! i’m right there with you!

  21. people in the 20s… we’re the strawberry generation, busy having our quarter life crises trying to grasp onto any meaning in this world. welcome to the club! just another phase of life? JIA YOU BA!

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