Wonder full

The past few years I would say that I have probably flown a lot more than the average person. Usually because of tours to different parts of the country, or even short trips to visit home, I’ve become quite familiar with being on airplanes. And after being on so many flights, I’ve noticed something…during take off, most of the heads in the plane turn towards a window to look out. Young or old, cool guy or geeky girl…when the plane is going up, usually people are peering out the little oval of plexiglass to see themselves lift off from the ground, and the buildings and roads get smaller and smaller. They always look. And I believe this is because humans inherently desire to wonder.

Airplanes taking off is a perfect example to prove this. I mean, how often do we get to travel hundreds of miles an hour and actually elevate thousands of feet into the air. Not often. How often do we get to look at skyscrapers like they’re toys, or see cities and mountain ranges like little cracks and bumps on the Earth. Rarely. And so, when we get the opportunity to actually experience these things, we peek, we lean over our seats, we push our face against the glass, just to catch a glimpse. Because we’re curious, because we wonder.

Usually though, as we get older, we suppress this desire to explore, to see new things. Sometimes it’s because we try to act like we’re above it, only kids get excited over a window seat. Other times it’s because pressures and stress from work, family, LIFE bring us down and make us two tired to even open our eyes. I’ve experienced both. But I think the plane is the one most common place, where everyone can’t hide it or fight it… we want to see the view from 30,000 ft. We want to feel free, flying through a cloud. And that’s when our inherent desire to wonder is exposed.

And this is why, despite the fact that I’ve been on countless plane rides…I’ll still opt for a window seat, and I’ll still snap pictures, even though I’ve seen the same views and sunsets so many times. Simply because…dude, c’mon it’s cool!

Leaving the Bay. I see this the most, and I still always find it awesome.

Somewhere over the Pacific.

Los Angeles (not as pretty as SF huh?)

Keep that sense of wonder.


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