I miss tomorrow

I’ve always been too nostalgic. Too much reverence for the past. I wouldn’t say I “live” in the past, because I definitely take in each present moment and try to enjoy every experience given to me… but my mind always wanders back. That’s natural though, right? The past is what we know, so of course that’s where our thoughts would go?

I guess to a certain extent, I do live too much in, or for, the past. And then, I let the way I see the future be affected by that. I’m afraid of the past becoming further and further, of losing “the past”. I need to stop this. Wasn’t the “past” you grip on so tightly to, at some point a “future”. Be nostalgic, for what’s ahead.

Don’t give too much weight to what has preceded, that would imply you’re nearing or at the end. We are only just beginning.

(Post that contradicts everything said here to come later -_-“)

nostalgia related.. I recently purchased BSB newest album. It’s actually quite good. I felt like after going all these yrs, I should show some support for what they’ve provided me. Something about them sticking together too is significant to me. While on that page, there was a package to get ALL their previous albums for like $25. Considering I napster’d/kazaa’d a good portion of their songs in hs, I owe it to them to buy them now that I can afford to (and hell, it’s only $5 a cd). So somehow my Amazon cart ended up looking like this on a random sunday night…

yes.. TMNT figurines also ended up in there “somehow”. What did I tell you?


13 thoughts on “I miss tomorrow

  1. Maybe this is what your future contradictory post is about, but I used to have the opposite problem of living too much in and for the future. My thoughts would be so much centered on what was to come or what I thought might happen that I forgot to enjoy the present moment. I was nostalgic for a future that didn’t exist; I fondly remembered the husband and kids I didn’t yet have. My here and now was directed by my desire for the future, and every decision was based on envisioning all possible outcomes, so I rarely took any risks.

    Especially during my last couple years at college, I had to remind myself: “live in the moment.” I think that got easier to do when the guy I liked at the time got a new girlfriend. Once he was no longer single, I could (or had to) stop imagining a future where we were together. He’s now married, and his wife is living the life I once envisioned for myself. I wasted a lot of time living in a future that didn’t happen, and I’m fortunate that I am now able to enjoy the present and recall the memories and lessons learned from the past.

  2. It’s OK Phil. I, too, am one who “lives” in the past. I often find myself “reliving” things and reminiscing a lot–both about the good and the bad. Of course we ask the “why’s” and “why nots” and other times we simply smile or chuckle to ourselves regardless, it all lead us to where we are now. the journey may have not been easy but it is ours and it is personal to each individual. Some would like to forget their past or “move on” but I feel we should not feel guilty if we would want to turn back the pages and relive a certain moment. It’s our moment; part of us; our memory and oddly it will lead us to what future awaits us.

  3. Great post. So relevant. I think this is my favorite line “The past is what we know, so of course that’s where our thoughts would go?” because it holds a lot of truth. and Hi five on being a BSB fan after all these years! Just wanted to say that your blogpost has inspired me (at 3 am in the morning) to make a blog of my own, where I let thoughts from my heart (brain really) flow in a somewhat organised yet emphatic way. So thank you. Im going to drop in the link and hope that you have 2 seconds out of your incredibly busy schedule to read it.
    Keep those mature thoughts coming!

  4. The future creates a sense of insecurity, something we can not hold, touch, or feel at the moment. The past comforts us because we’ve experienced it. There’s no shame in reminiscing the past, just as long as you don’t get stuck in it.

    P.S. After 4 months, I just received my BSB CD yesterday and TMNT rocks!

  5. I love thinking about the past too. All the great moments with all the great people at all the great places, it’s easy to get lost in our great memories. Nevertheless, it’s important to look forward to the bright future. I cherish the olden days but it doesn’t make my present look gray. The past is comfort but the future can be full of excitement 🙂

  6. I am, the one who would often wander in the past too. Sometimes too much, not that I would avoid it even when I know I’m capable of. Sometimes the past gives me that kind of comfort that I knew I would never have again in the future. That was my unhealthy way of overcoming daily misfortunes. I sink into my bed, or go outside, or sit in the corner and try to remember how it felt to be happy. It’s some sort of therapy for me, I guess, but I know that it’s bad for me. Still, I couldn’t really quite gamble for the future. My future seems so uncertain that I needed to hold the past whenever a risk gets turned back on me. I know, it’s bad, I know.

  7. Hi Phil, I’ve always like you and what you do. To know that I share a tiny bit of similarity with you when it comes to reminiscing the past is really encouraging. I felt less weird now somehow 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this precious part of you with us. ♡

  8. I’m very similar to you in terms of being too nostalgic for the past. Sometimes the yearning for it feels so great that it actually leaves a numb feeling in the heart. I still enjoy and cherish the present. One thing I try to do is remind myself that today, the present, will eventually become the past that we’ll miss dearly and in the same way too, so I try not to take the present for granted by focusing too much on what has already passed. Cheers, and keep writing in your journal (both online and offline)!

  9. I feel like the events in my life dictate where I lead down my path of “what ifs” to. For a majority of my life they were always directed towards the future but whenever heartbreak struck I was sucked back to the past. But it is only natural I suppose. I think the real problem is missing the present and repeating the past.

  10. Hi five to being a BSB fan 🙂 My very first CD was their Millennium album which I still have, although some of the songs skip now. I saw them in concert a few years ago and they put on a very entertaining show – it was during the time Kevin wasn’t in the band though.

    To be honest, I tend to also live in the past a lot. The what ifs. Or in an imaginary world in general of where my life could be instead. I still do things for my future, but I usually feel like I could be doing more but am to afraid or too lazy to take the necessary steps.

  11. Have you watched Midnight in Paris? I highly recommend it, not because I think it’ll solve everything for you (I don’t want to make assumptions), but because it’s a great film and I think it’ll resonate with you.

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