Somehow this ended up being about Taylor Swift…

Do you ever listen to a sad song, and become emotional not because you relate to the words on your side, but because you feel like it could be the words and feelings of the other?

Sometimes I hear the emotions in the lyrics and melody, and I think… could I have caused them to feel this way? Is this “their” song? Was this what they went through, or are going through? And the thought of that is actually what makes me sad, the notion that I inflicted this, this sadness, anger, insecurity. Not that the words and message of the song reflect my feelings.  (I do not take pride in this at all, it’s not a good thing. Just wondering if others feel the same)

Perhaps this is the reason why I enjoy Taylor Swift’s songs so much. (Yes, I just said Taylor Swift as my example). I’m obviously not a teenage (excuse me, 22-oo-OO-OO) blonde girl, but sometimes her songs give me a sense of what a girl in my past may have thought because of me. And it’s an intense feeling, of guilt, or regret. And isn’t that what music is supposed to do? Make you feel? So yes, I’m a fan of Taylor Swift.

Here’s one of her more recent ones that when it came out made me think … “I wonder if I was on the wrong end of this song in her life?”

Sucha good song. (btw, I would never have a problem with any girl wearing high heels. Who would??)

Perhaps this is a better example..


13 thoughts on “Somehow this ended up being about Taylor Swift…

  1. I don’t remember feeling that way, but I feel as if I did some time ago… if that makes any sense.
    But anyhow, I think that a lot of people feel that way. That is what points out their character and empathy towards other people. And it also shows, that you reflect on what you did, what isn’t a given for everyone. If you think about the way other people feel and understand their feelings relating to you, you are more empathetic than a lot of people in this world.

  2. It’s like when you’re in a car and there’s sad music playing, so you stare out the window and pretend that you’re driving away from a loved one forever. I think it’s the essence of sad songs that make us want to tie it to ourselves in some sort of situation, whether it’s imagining ourselves as the recipient, subject, or whichever. I’m also a really big fan of Taylor Swift, just because of all these emotions that she manages to wrestle out of you.

  3. I am also a fan of Taylor Swift, but for me the two artists that always cause me to pause and listen whenever I hear them are Adele and Childish Gambino for two very different reasons. One holds in her voice the entire possibility of love and the other manages to perfectly encapsulate the feeling of being an outsider and trying to find and define one’s place.

  4. Just a very short post that was written not too long ago, neither as a sender nor a receiver side of that last song you posted, but merely as a third person. (Any one else views songs in third person? Just me? ..I might have thought so..)

  5. Yes, I do get moments like that. It makes me really sad, too.
    Chances are, you have hurt someone that much. It’s a part of the growing process though, because there are probably people out there who’ve hurt you as much. But do you regret those moments? Everything that happened was a summation of efforts to mold us into the people we are today. We’re all supposed to learn more about ourselves and the people around us and their boundaries from our relationships– That’s how I see it, anyway!

    But the point of my reply was actually to your last comment. High heels could be figurative. Heels make a woman taller and can even add sophistication, class, or just appeal to a girl’s sense of femininity. And he didn’t like that. :/ In other words, her being with him made her “less” somehow. It’s interesting, I think.

  6. yes, i do…
    “Sometimes really cannot differentiate between happy & sad. Sometimes I will forget about the sad when happy just happen. Sometimes my emo will affected by other people. Sometimes feel myself weird. Sometimes the moment is gone, is gone! and forever cannot catch back! Sometimes feel want to travel alone & forever be alone. Sometimes sometimes… is just to be sometimes.. where is the reality? Girl, where are you now?”

    Somehow I ended with this statement before…

  7. I am amazed of the things I get to know about you. 🙂 I love taylor swift. Her songs are with all kinds of emotions. Everytime I listen to them I also get these types of feelings, trying to relate. If I am heartbroken and I listen to sad songs then I tend to cry so no love songs after break ups. My favorite recently is “baby dont you break my heart slow”. Check it out.

  8. Listening to a song and not only hearing the other person’s voice but also feeling what they were feeling… yes and thanks to fb I don’t have to wonder because they made it known. That better example of yours was one of them and I’m only listening to it now… I agree that there’s an intense feeling but for me it’s not guilt or regret… more of longing, wishing the song lasted longer just so I could process enough of the situation and say something so they wouldn’t have said goodbye. Another part of me thinks that I would have done the same thing if given a second chance… I feel like dimension hopping…

  9. I love that you love Taylor Swift. For the same reason that I love her. 🙂
    Listen to “All Too Well”. The words and the song don’t reflect my feelings or experiences, but I feel her sorrow every time I listen to that song. Her longing and her regrets. The fact that her songs make me feel, makes me a fan of hers. Just like you. 🙂

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