Dimension hopping

Earlier this month we released a short film called “ONE”. It was written in Nov and shot in Dec of last year. It stars international pop star Wang Leehom. It is about different dimensions and whether you are living the one you want to be in. For the commentary of the video itself, read HERE.

A few years ago, I began to enjoy believing that multiple dimensions existed. The reason for this is because, I wanted to believe that there was another version of “me” somewhere out there, living a life according to all the decisions and risks I had not had the courage or opportunities to take. It was my cop out. People I wanted to speak up to. Emotions I wanted to explore. Desires I yearned to give in to. But I didn’t. And so, I found comfort that while I was not living it in my reality, somewhere else, I was.

I really wanted to make a short story about this concept, but never got around to writing any sort of script. The premise of different dimensions and realities came up often at the Wong Fu office in a few story ideas between Wes and myself. And when this project came around, it seemed like a good place to apply it. And so, I finally had an “excuse” to write it out in some form.

But before ONE, this concept actually shifted in meaning as my life was changing. Wonderful things happened that made me believe I was living in the reality I so desperately desired. I felt like I was no longer allowed to (or needed to) believe in another dimension where things could be “better”.. no, not better.. “different”. It wasn’t necessary because I was in the best case scenario. And so the idea became, while I enjoy believing in multiple dimensions, I’m glad I’m not in any other one.       ..but when there are infinite possibilities, how does one ever truly know which is the right one to live? Perhaps you will never know, it’s faith. Perhaps you will always wonder, you must suppress it.

I wasn’t able to yet.

And now I’ve arrived at a new plot point. One where I’ve completely turned an entire timeline of a potential future upside down, selfishly jumping onto another timeline. Why? For many years now, I’ve had the twisted belief that the pursuit of happiness is better than actually reaching it. Because while in pursuit, happiness is just an idea, it’s perfect, it’s perpetual. But once attained, it can be questioned, it can be tainted, it can be lost. … (i’m not proud of this mindset, it’s not healthy)

And so for the time being, I continue in pursuit (yes, aka “chase”). I continue to dimension hop. Getting glimpses, concluding on some variables, wavering on others, trying to figure out, where to place myself in infinity. Maybe this journey itself is the “one”.

Prior to ONE, I actually did try to shoot a short based on these thoughts. It wasn’t a whole story though, it was just a scene, it was just over a year ago, while I was out of the country. Here’s a still frame from it…

probably will never come out. It’s ok tho. ONE is basically it, but better :1


15 thoughts on “Dimension hopping

  1. Hey Phil, I’m a buddy of Jin’s from Malaysia. You’ve heard all this already, but I’ve loved Wongfu since God knows when. But this one particular short resonated with me on such a personal scale. I’ve entertained the idea of different realities too, and I totally get the feeling of the pursuit, in order to make this reality the ONE. Although while it did get the message through, I feel the ‘scene’ you did a year ago might have a more intimate feel to it. Felt like ONE didn’t fully explore the emotional side of questioning the existence of another you. But yeah, I know that feel, Phil (see what I did there)

    Just, thanks so much for these films that have a perfect blend of imagination and reality. A lot of us go through or think about the stuff in these videos. It’s nice to see it visually plotted out. Thanks 🙂

    And also, you should have some sort of bonus section of Wong Fu, where you release little deleted scenes and unreleased shorts/scenes. Thanks for hearing me out! Gnight from the UK. Happy Chinese New Year in advance too!

  2. I love how you write and make me visualise about the things that are usually kept in one’s mind but usually dissed when spoken about it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and making me feel that I am not the only one thinking about things that are seemingly impossible 🙂 ♡♡♡

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever seriously entertained the possibility of multiple dimensions and multiple versions of me living multiple versions of my life. I have, however, spent plenty of time in my imagination scripting conversations (arguments or diatribes, really) that never happened or scenes from my future that I hoped would come true or wondering what would happen if I packed everything up and moved to a different state. Sometimes I’m satisfied with the scene existing in my mind, especially when it doesn’t end particularly well or when I realize it’s probably wiser not to make those situations a reality (especially those arguments).

    The reality I’ve lived so far – it has been the right one, the only one. I can’t deny the experiences that shaped me and taught me, but I’m at a point in life where I’m asking myself if I want to continue this current reality, though not knowing exactly what I want. I’m operating under the assumption that we only have this one life – this one brief moment on earth, so I have no time to waste. Imagining is not enough anymore. Fortunately I’m also at a point in life where I have the freedom to change course and pursue a different reality. I’ve decided that it’s time to determine what life I want to be living and figure out how to get there.

  4. For years, I’ve frequently entertained the idea of there being infinite alternate dimensions in which various versions of me were living sometimes relatively similar, but sometimes vastly opposite lives. Sometimes people think I’m a little silly for believing that, but how do we really know there aren’t? Funny enough, I’ve never once thought that there could be another version of me somewhere living a better life than the one I’m living right now. I’m very content with how things are and with the decisions I make. They’re not all great decisions but I can reflect on the lessons I learn from each mistake…they make me who I am today and I’m most content with how my own reality is progressing.

  5. Hi Phil,

    This is me from another dimension. It doesn’t matter which dimension you are in. What matters more is you make the best out of it. Happiness isn’t an idea. It has always been there no matter where you go. You just don’t see it because you don’t know how to appreciate what you have in front of you. Try appreciating the little things in life you do have instead of expectations/desires you are chasing after. I hope you find that happiness within you soon.

    p.s. If I have to build a story from that scene, in another dimension, it would be you getting dragged off the train by a kid, who indirectly teaches you what is true happiness. :3

  6. I’ve always imagined scenarios where you live out your various goals and dreams, but never thought of it as “dimension hopping” until now. It’s a beautiful concept, and I’m glad you shared it with us 🙂

  7. You live by day. Yes you gotta plan but you should not worry about anything because if youre with God, he will lead you to his plan. You may stumble and fall along the way but its part of his plan. I believe that everything that happens has a purpose. We shouldnt think about the what-might-have-beens in order for you to be happy. Of course you gotta trust your instincts and decisions in life. 🙂 and never regret anything for each experience comes a lesson. As humans, we may wonder sometimes but thats it. In order for you to be happy, you gotta accept whats there. Thats the basic step and everything will follow. Im a single mom and yes I often wonder what could have been if I got married or I ditched the dad before I even got preggers but hey whats the use. And so im a Happy single mom. 🙂 God bless you Phil
    Dont ever be unhappy about anything coz you are one of the luckiest persons in the world. Youre super talented and you have such an amazing heart and thats what matters. All the way up phil! I just idolize you for like forever. ❤

  8. I’ve thought of multiple dimensions a lot, too. The idea just fascinates me, but does it make me complacent? Of course not. I find it interesting how alternate universes became a way for you to “settle,” how you found comfort in knowing that another you out there was living a life based on decisions or risks you did or did not make.

    How do we know we’re living the right life? I think it depends on what kind of tool we’re using to measure what is “right,” and sometimes, there isn’t a tool at all. There doesn’t have to be.

    I, for example, know I’m living the right life. I have no idea what the future entails; I don’t know where I’ll be in 5 years or even 30 minutes from now. I have an idea and a tangible body to get me there, but I really don’t know what might happen. Yet… I know I’m doing the right thing. My tool isn’t “happiness;” I’m eating packets of ramen noodles and homesick on a daily basis, because I’m schooling miles and miles away from home, for example. My tool isn’t the self-actualization of getting towards a reality I wanted– I’m not there yet; I can never guarantee it, and I don’t know if it’s me building towards my goals or my ultimate goals building me towards them. But I know deep down that this is the right path for me, because in the end, I cannot imagine myself wanting to do or be anywhere or anything else.

    There is nothing wrong with changing your mind about your future, as long as it’s better… 🙂 But that’s a lot different from rejecting something just because it meant you’ll be reaching your goal…Reaching a goal is not always the end-all. E.g., Losing 40 lbs doesn’t mean you’re done. You still have to work on maintaining it. Or maybe now that you’ve shed all those pounds, you want to start building muscle. Etc. Besides, happiness is a feeling, an emotion. It’s not supposed to be permanent imo; to me, happiness is nothing more than a fleeting intensity where your heart soars and your mind buzzes with happy hormones. And it’s great, yeah, but it’s not everything…And it certainly isn’t the end-all for me.

    I always believed that half of life was your actions, and the other half was how others responded to those actions. The whole idea becomes a cycle, a ripple effect of deeds that gets passed down from one person to others. I don’t know where I’ll be in 30′, because what if my roommate got sick. I’d take care of her, and her presentation would be cancelled, so all those people who could have been enlightened with her knowledge missed out. What if I slipped on a piece of ice and got a concussion. I’d be in a hospital, and people would have had to go out of their way to help me get there; or I could be laying on the sidewalk until I woke up. What if class was cancelled, because my teacher was sick. All my classmates’ plans would have changed, and other students who were supposed to be taught by that teacher. Anything can happen within a span of moments. But in the end, there is an event, and then a way in which people respond. Even the uncertainty you feel in making a decision is right, because you would not have made the decisions you did without those feelings making you second guess yourself and taking more steps to be “sure.” Just as the good things are placed in this world and within each of us to fulfill a purpose, so too, are the bad. If that makes sense. This isn’t for you to be complacent, it’s just to see how it all fits into the bigger picture. Don’t let it keep you from your pursuits.

    I don’t know if you should think about it so much. I think if you just live life and do you, grinding every day and doing what you love, then you’re on the right path.

    Just comparing thoughts. 🙂

  9. I can so relate, when I finished my course in college, I figured I already had everything planned but things happened and it made me realize it was not the dimension that I wanted to be in. I just couldn’t see myself being happy there. I mustered enough courage to move to another dimension 2 years ago. I moved to a crazy city without any relatives or friends to help me and far, I am more happy in this dimension.

    I do not know how long I would stay here but I am enjoying every second of it. Things will change this year, I might move to a new country and have to start back from zero. I might have to temporarily stop for the sake of my family but til that day comes, I will continue this path I am in.

  10. Thank you for sharing these personal thoughts! It was a really indulging post. Your dimension hopping is my parallel universes. Sometimes I would make a choice and then think, “If there was a parallel universe where certain factors were different, I would have made the other choice…”

    I sometimes wish I could have many lives just as I could have many books. I could start one and put it down to go into another one and when I return, continue where I left off.

    But then, I also find it special that we only know of one universe. Our choices aren’t necessarily right or wrong, better or worse but it effects how the rest of our lives play out. So the choices we make are very important… And this is when I imagine the choices playing out and then wish paralell universes exist because it’s too hard for me to make up my mind. What a vicious cycle!

  11. “The pursuit of happiness is better than actually reaching it. Because while in pursuit, happiness is just an idea, it’s perfect, it’s perpetual. But once attained, it can be questioned, it can be tainted, it can be lost”- umm friggin gold. Nailed it.

  12. “One” was actually the 1st short of WFP I watched…and I was interested in watching it only because it featured Asians 😉

    “For many years now, I’ve had the twisted belief that the pursuit of happiness is better than actually reaching it. Because while in pursuit, happiness is just an idea, it’s perfect, it’s perpetual. But once attained, it can be questioned, it can be tainted, it can be lost”

    Everything can be questioned, tainted or lost..once disbelief, doubt, passive approach come in….the problem with happiness is that not many people know what would really make them happy..at first they think that this or that would, but once having/achieving it they realize it’s not what they strived for or was looking for….Do you already know what would make you happy and what you would consider as “happiness”? Or you still drift aimlessly in the search of your idea of “happiness”?

    Are you scared of reaching goals, being afraid they will turn out not worth all the effort on the way and ending up just being one disappointment (as they may not match your idealized vision of them)? Idealizing your “goal” (happiness in this case) and making it distant (perpetual state of reaching it) enables you constant work on yourself and influencing reality around you…continuous improvement&change…but doesn’t preference for pursuing instead of attaining happiness actually mean that you will never be happy? Or does this process itself make you happy?

    …..by the way – you looked good with that short hair in the pic on the train…r u thinking of coming back to tht hairdo perhaps?..just saying… 😀

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