Full circle

I love seeing things come full circle. People, relationships, experiences. Meaning is found, reason is given, resolution is… granted. Peace. The stage you dreamed of performing on is the one you stand on now. The artist you idolized turns into someone you collaborate with. The family member who left, returns to your life. The ex you hated so much is your friend once more. All those questions and fears you had, you now have answers to.

Have you ever thought about what circles you are just beginning now? Perhaps even the ones you think are completing, are actually still revolving.

That same stage, you’re now over it. The artist you collaborated with becomes your competition. You realize you can’t forgive that family member. The ex you thought was just a friend still has feelings for you, as you secretly hoped. All those answers, just lead to new questions.

How do we really know when a cycle has ended? We can’t.. because time moves forward, and so, these circles continue to rotate. And that’s why I love the idea of “full circle”, because it gives me the momentary perception that there is rest, a conclusion.. until something comes along to stir it all up again.

To continue the show-and-tell of shorts that may never be released, here is another screen cap from something that was shot a few months ago which I’m not sure will ever come out.

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 7.33.34 PM
Written and shot during a tumultuous time and mindset, I can’t say that it’s something I’d want to share with the public now, at least in the form it is in. It needs to be rewritten, re-considered. It’s really amazing to see how words and stories can change and evolve. But I know that this frame, this scene, will come full circle someday. Still rotating.


20 thoughts on “Full circle

  1. So true. As time goes by, relationships develop into recognizable patterns. I’ve thought of then as infinity loops due to the way the come together and come apart continuously. Hope to see this film someday when it’s ready.

  2. It’s true that circles don’t have an end. Without your knowledge you’re back where you “started”. I believe circles are connected to each other and every big decision you take leads you to a new/old circle. The same circle is shared with many people and its development depends on the choices of each member. When a friend showed me a youtube channel called Wong Fu Productions I ended up being here repling a blog post by its co-founder. I realy hope this short come out someday!

  3. Do you think one can ever get out of these circles? Maybe there is a conclusion, a lesson learned at that point in time. But someday, that same circle comes back again, delivering the same lesson, the same conclusion through another person or situation.

    Maybe the circles are there to shape who we are, who we choose to become. And until we truly see the meaning of each circle, we will always be in the same one, changing, evolving, but still returning back to the same spot.

  4. One philosophical view is society (and probably everything it includes) moves in a spiral line, if it advances at all. I like that metaphor better than “circle” because spiral is adding an extra dimension of time to circle, isn’t it? Yet circle in itself makes me feel lack of exit and static. In terms of start and end, circle blurs the line between the two, thus sounds like a infinite cycle, whereas in a spiral once you start there’s no ending point. Spiral also provides many different angles from which one could speculate one particular spot. Even when you comes back to that “point”, it is no longer the same spot. So every time, when you look back, you could find something new. I kinda feel like that was what you meant, so… It’s just the rhetoric, I know. But… I can’t help.

  5. This seems kind of depressing. Does that mean we are doomed to eventually repeat all the painful experiences in our lives? It seems to take out the spontaneity in life and render it kind of stagnant…

    1. Brielle, I think it’s less about being doomed to repeat experiences but maybe more like revisiting them. When it comes around the second time, you will be different; circumstances will be different. The experience, therefore, will also be different. It’s like watching a movie for the second (or third or thousandth) time. You know how it ends; you know where the twists and turns occur. Your experience of the movie, though, will be shaped by who you are in that moment. That’s where you will find the spontaneity and the unexpected.

  6. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, connected to your inspiration or not, but the screen cap seems to evoke both melancholy and hope. It’s emotionally confusing in a beautiful way. Though we may never see the full project, thanks for sharing the image with us!

  7. I didn’t intend to comment so much on one post, but I stumbled across a great quote in another blog post titled “Full Circle.” From Through Painted Deserts by Donald Miller: “Don’t worry. Everything will still be here when you get back. It is you who will have changed.”

  8. “Full Circle” has led to me also ponder about the notion of reincarnation. Being an agnostic, I believe the concept of reincarnation has more to do with a philosophical teaching than a religious one. I’ve always found myself wondering if we are all on this earth as a result of a continue circle, coming back in different forms each time. I’d imagine this circle as an evolving one, different each time we come back due to the experiences of the last’s. And so, does that mean everyone (even the cashier at the counter) and everything (including the butterfly that mysteriously got into the house) that we come across in this life has a tie to our past? Perhaps this is a chance for us to rectify a wrong, collect a debt, or love that someone again.

  9. I’m so glad that you have a wordpress now, Phil. Always feel that you have a lot to say (or type), and so, I look forward to your posts now. You are a great writer in that you are considerate and admit to your own shortcomings.

    The circle is my very favorite shape actually. I love that it is found in nature, that it goes round and round. Blue, to me, is a nice color to look at. That screenshot gives me some kind of feeling.. His and her and expression seem to go round and round.

    Thank you for sharing,

  10. No. I don’t want to keep circling. I am entirely addicted to new beginnings. My peace comes when I get closure, and it’s on to the next phase in life. I am used to shedding my past, past emotions, people, places, and feelings, in order to move forward. I’ve done this since I was a child, moving from the ghettos of my past to the middle class suburbs, and then back to the inner cities, saying goodbye to friends I’ll never see again, and hello to new experiences, broadening horizons, and learning more about life’s mysterious aspects.

    It’s always been hard to go back, although I’ve had to a couple times via circumstance- i.e. seeing my first love who left me heartbroken after five years walking in the school hallways ahead of me, never noticing that I was a few paces behind. I never liked going back. 😐 But it seems like you do; just offering a different perspective! I enjoy reading your thought-provoking blog posts. I did find this one in particular rather inspiring. I cannot wait to see your short when it’s ready. Please continue to do your best!! 🙂

  11. Hey Phil,

    Your posts are quite insightful! I’ve always believed in the idea that life comes full circle, and I’m glad I’m not the only one. Whether it has to do with relationships with people, or karma in general – I think that the meaningful things you do now will really be able to make an impact and help you in the future. Sometimes I think there’s no such thing as ‘luck’, because everything happens for a reason and the good & bad will eventually even out in the end…depending on the choices you make in life.

    You’ve also inspired me to start blogging again! I think that looking back, these simple entries online will make me smile at the thoughts and worries of my youth. haha 🙂


  12. Hey Phil, on the theme of ‘Full Circle’; There’s a Taiwanese movie called ‘Love’ by Doze Niu, its pretty light-hearted and quite similar to ‘Love Actually’ centring on the theme of ‘Full Circle’. Maybe you could check it out if you have the time, I felt it was a pretty good take on its English predecessor. (:

  13. Since some time already passed, have you got the answers/reasons you were looking for, hoping for the circle to end and attaining some peace?…at least temporarily until it starts over again/or evolves into a new circle?

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