So deep

I’m currently obsessed with this song.

When 20/20 Part 2 came out last year, I remember hearing this song and thinking, wow, that was refreshing. JT going back to a sound from what could’ve been on an NSYNC album in 2001. It’s definitely not what current Top40 radio sounds like and I appreciate that he gave us a song that felt like it could’ve been from my hs yrs. I remember thinking, man, how cool would it be if this was one of his singles and was playing on the radio, but thought, nah there’s no way it would be since it’s not the current “sound”. Thankfully, and oddly, I was proven wrong.

Makes me feel like it’s the last day of school, and all my friends are hanging out by the parking lot saying bye, taking pictures, signing yearbooks. And then I take her hand and we walk to my car. She gets in and we drive through shaded streets, winding through the hills. The sunroof is open and I see her lift her hands up to feel the air and sunlight through her fingers. I turn this song up a little louder. It’s a cliche moment, but one that I always wanted to have, and there I am. We’ve nowhere to rush to, nothing to worry about. Summer is approaching.

What are some of your favorite deep cuts (non-singles) that you wished more people knew about or deserve to be known? While were on the related topic of nsync x deep cuts… here are 2 of my favorites. Yes, nsync, do it.


17 thoughts on “So deep

  1. ‘Something like you’ has a real place in my heart. I’d never heard of it until sophomore year of hs, a friend gave me a CD/mixtape of her favorite songs. She was supposed to give it to this other girl, a common friend whom she was in love with. She wouldn’t accept her confession. I took it so at least someone would give it a listen. This particular song drew me so much I couldn’t believe it. I felt for my friend. I knew then how much she felt for the other and with how quickly she was rejected, I would never unhear what I hear in this song.

  2. A couple weeks ago, I went on an NSYNC binge… “This I Promise You” has this place in my heart that’s completely unexplainable but it’s makes me stop and reminisce for a moment every time I hear it…

  3. As far as NSYNC deep cuts are concerned, I’d have to go with “I Thought She Knew” from “No Strings Attached.” An a Capella song with solos by Joey and Chris never would have made it onto the radio, but it’s still an incredible track. Non-NSYNC, I think every song on Sara Bareilles’ “Little Voice” is a hit, especially “City” and “Many the Miles.” (Side note: on my drive home the other day, the radio was playing a *certain* NSYNC song, and I realized, it IS gonna be May.)

  4. I’ve heard the first two songs before, but not the third. I didn’t know who sang the first song, and would never had thought it was Justin Timberlake; that’s how different his songs have become. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Don’t forget NSYNC’s Christmas album! I really loved “Love’s In Our Hearts On Christmas Day.” 🙂
    This post is so nostalgic! Backstreet Boys had some really great ballads too. My favorite “deep cuts” are probably “How Did I Fall In Love With You” from the Black & Blue album and “That’s What She Said” (ha) from Millenium.
    Hanson had some really great non-singles too! My absolute favorite is probably “Fire On The Mountain” from The Walk.

  6. I could not said any better. When I first heard the song on the radio I just image time in my life where all that matters was carefree summer night’s hanging out and being little bit reckless friends. Then I would build up the courage to ask that one girl I was crushing to be more the friend. Love reading your post Phil. Feeling inspire.

  7. These songs feel kind of old, but that’s what I like. Now with the newer music, sure some of it is good, but these songs take you home to the warm days 🙂

  8. Such great underrated songs. I still listen to them. If you like them, you should definitely hear Justin Timberlake’s ‘Never Again’ and ‘(Another Song) All Over Again’ if you’ve not heard them already.

    BSB – ‘I Need You Tonight’
    4Tune – ‘Just Let It Go’
    Usher – ‘I Can’t Win’, ‘Simple Things’, ‘Without You (Interlude)’, ‘Can You Help Me’, ‘Separated’ – pretty much anything from 8701 album, really lol
    Ne-Yo – ‘In The Way’
    Chris Brown – ‘Should’ve Kissed You’
    Taj Jackson – ‘Simple’, ‘She Said’
    Kris Allen – ‘Loved Too Much’
    Ed Sheeran – ‘Autumn Leaves’
    Sam Smith – Make It To Me (or anything by him! – up and coming British singer)

    (sorry, kinda got carried away with the list, there probably could be even more but I’ll stop lol)

  9. I thought the exact same things about Not A Bad Thing! That one stood out from all the other songs from Part 2. I like that it sounds happy and youthful which is refreshing like you said. I was surprised to hear it on the radio too. I thought “no way….isn’t this the song that sounds like NSYNC?!” I made sure to turn up the volume. Love Selfish and Something Like You as well.

  10. Totally relate to this post! There’s just something about 90’s music that really soothes my soul. Brings me back to a time when my biggest dilemma was where I was going to play after school. Anywho, Nsync – somewhere, someday is one of my favs! And yes it was from the Pokemon movie..

  11. love those tracks.
    “something special” by usher — too many brokenhearted love songs. this one is happy in love!
    and “no one else comes close” BSB, baby

  12. Oh man, I’ve also been very nostalgic lately with the 90s music. I’m currently obsessing over Britney Spears and how she was such an incredible performer with her sharp dance moves and energy. Watching her old videos and hearing her old songs really gave me the feeling of being back in high school again, and that is something that I do really miss. I also missed her and Justin Timberlake being a pair, but that’s another story. 😛

  13. i will stop here:)))))) it is late here~~~ will come back read more later (if you do not mind my odd comments :p )~ thank you so much phil!!!!!!! that you share all these!!!!!!!!! it made me sooooo happy!!! great mood~~~ becaue of you~~~ have a lovely day/week, phil~~~~

  14. OK so this song sounds very similar to another boy-bandish pop tune out there but I cannot for the life of me figure out the song! And the thing is, I only get like the littlest hint of that pop tune hearing this song the FIRST time around before I start just humming this exact song. So basically I have like 1 guess every few days; more like every few weeks cause I forget about it. Does anyone else know what I’m talking about??… this has been haunting me for years now…. It’s starting to dawn on me that the song I’m looking for could, in fact, be “Not a bad thing.” If that’s the case, I’ve wasted a lot of time and effort into figuring this whole thing out.

  15. You associate songs with moments/memories (btw you may be interested in the Japanese concept of „living in the moment” and appreciating the transience of things – mono no aware. Have you heard of it perhaps?), but do you also associate song with pple? For some reason I keep „assigning” songs to pple, so whenever later on I hear that particular piece of music it reminds me of that person or the other.

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