My very first 10 yr anniversary

7.6 016
(Photo from our first day, July 6, 2004. Did a “photoshoot” with it, haha)

I wanted to write about this before I got too far…

Last month, at the height of our movie production, my car and I had our 10 yr anniversary. There is nothing else from 10 yrs ago that I used every day and still do today. If you think about it, that’s pretty incredible. No other material object in my life has been that much of a constant. So this post is dedicated to it.. (and Acura I guess, haha)

My 2004 Acura TSX came to me in July of that summer between 2nd and 3rd year of college. Prior to that I had driven our family’s old 1990 Nissan Maxima. I actually really liked that car, “souping” it up in college with stupid little lights and air fresheners, the tape player which I plugged into my discman. I brought it down to college, but one unfortunate afternoon I got into a relatively minor accident and the car was “totaled”. Mind you, it only had some bumper damage, but seeing as the car was 14 yrs old, the value to fix it was more than the value of the car.

My parents didn’t want me driving a car with bumpers being held up by tape so that summer we started looking for cars. I was thinking of a used 2002 Acura Accord Coupe. Or in my dreams a used Lexus IS! But my parents preferred getting a new car. At the time the Scion TC was the brand new hot car, and I would’ve been totally happy if that were my new car. But they took me to the Acura dealership. The TSX at the time was also a brand new model being introduced. I told my parents that I wouldn’t feel right getting this car at that age, it was too nice. I literally said, “I feel like I would have to dress up everytime I drove it” haha. But they wanted it for me, and I couldn’t believe I was getting it. I know cars, much less new cars, are a luxury not many people/families can afford for their children, and I am so grateful that my parents could give me this car. Someday, I will return the gift. (freaking A though my dad loves Mercedes, he’ll hafta wait awhile for that haha)

It’s been 10 yrs, and I’ve been driving and taking care of it all along. (I technically named it “Tessie” at the time cause I felt that’s what everyone did with their cars, but I never really actually used the name, heh). Several tires, a bumper, a handful of dents, dings, and “dangits” later, a decade has passed. It sits quietly and faithfully for me each day. I’ve never had any real trouble with it thankfully, and everytime I sit inside I still remember the feeling I had when I first got it. I think of the residences it’s been parked, the trips it’s taken me on, the people who’ve sat in the passenger seat.

Some people tease me saying I drive an old car, and I guess, thinking back to when I was in hs in 2000, if I saw someone driving a 1990 car, I too would think, dang, that’s an old car… But I still see my beautiful TSX.

And as soon as school resumed, I put Tessie to use right away, haha. Here’s a video project from one of my courses. The first appearance of many in a “Wong Fu Production” =)