that took a really long time.

The year itself and editing together these images. -_-”

2014 was the most challenging and emotionally volatile years of my life and perhaps that’s why I’ve been feeling like 2014 was a very very long year. There’s too much to say about it that would bore most of you (or make you frustrated [trust me, ask my friends who hafta live w/ me and hear it all]). Instead, I broke everything that happened down into a few choice photos and words. This should give you an idea…


I indulged in adventure, I succumbed to fear, I made plans that executed perfectly, I was surprised more often than not. I continue to strive, I continue to disappoint.

2014 is finally over. Funny, I was sorta getting comfortable in it.. and now I’m a bit scared going forward.

Ah right, another recap of the “Wong Fu Productions” specific type.

Thanks for sticking by me, by Wong Fu, for another year.


19 thoughts on “that took a really long time.

  1. looks like you had an amazing roller-coaster year. (: would’ve wanted to read it in words, but i think the photos and keywords keep it simple and mysterious, yet still personal to you that way.

  2. 2015 will be a better and bigger year for you guys! can’t wait to see the movie, i do hope it will be released in the Phils! I will embark on a big change myself early this year, which makes me super excited and anxious at the same time. But one thing I can count on, besides my family, is the WongFu Productions. You guys have been one of my source of entertainment and inspiration. To new beginnings, Phil! -sherry

  3. Just knew this wordpress existed. Im hoping that you either Phil or Wes could always write awesome stuff. I am so looking forward to stalk these wordpress from time to time to know more about you guys. Write it guys. Anything. Be it your experiences, feeling, routines or personal guys. I am going to be your loyal reader.

  4. Nothing to be scare … do not fear to move forward… yet, you have a great year of 2014, i believe there’s another wave on 2015… we will stay tune on WF… keep going for us & we always supporting you all~ Lastly you guys did a great job! Inspiring me alot~ I’m gonna do something this year too…
    Love u all~

  5. Phil, your adventures are nothing short of amazing. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so your montage of a few words and images will translate easily. I can’t wait to see what you and Wong Fu will have in store for the world this year! Looking forward to see many more videos!

  6. As they say, you can never know what the person is going through just by looking at them.
    Thanks for sharing with us a glimpse of your challenging and emotionally volatile 2014.

    Looking at your photos, seems to me you did a great job prioritising time with family, friends, work, doing what you love and hopefully some ‘me’ time in there.

    2014 has been pretty volatile for me too. If only I could compile my thoughts in beautiful photos such as yours Phil.
    (Something big happened in Dec around the same time you guys came to Malaysia.) At that moment my plans for couple of months was uncertain. At the spur of the moment I took off and went to ‘meet’ you guys. It was a treat for me. Yeah, ‘meeting’ Wong Fu for the first time was a treat! It made me smile 🙂
    (I brought awkward giraffe to accompany me and we both agreed that if I had been bold to go up on stage, I would have come up with something creative! HAHA)

    Thanks for being an inspiration in all that you do Phil. May God bless the work of your hands!

  7. I dont usually write on these blogs but i wanted to write something if u read this. I think I’ve started to watch wong fu shorts maybe a year ago by going through facebook. I enjoy your stories and still watch them til today. Don’t worry ur time is just beginning and we always have to be grateful for the blessings we have when life shows us that it’s too short to worry about the small stuff and just enjoy it. Your nephew is very adorable and is gonna look up to you for everything. Love and best wishes from hawaii 🙂

  8. I am such a huge fan of your work !! I wish WongFu all the best and know you guys are meant for great things . All the effort you’ve put in is paying off and you have captivated our minds with all your amazing work. I would love to meet you all in person someday .. Until then .. Wong fu for life 🙂

    P.S I did mention you guys in one of my blogs 🙂 I’m a newbie ..

  9. Dear Phil,

    I just wanted to write this to thank you for writing. I ran into your blog by chance, though I’ve seen many of your videos, and I’m glad I did. Your writing has inspired me to keep writing and to do better at making time to do so. I’m currently going through some tough times due to personal issues, but this spark of inspiration has definitely lifted my spirirts.

    Again – thank you,

  10. decided to leave a note here:
    2014 has been truly a roller coaster ride for you. you’ve made works that the world could relate and you continue to strive to be. disappointment or not, it is a learning curve for you to make the strive worthwhile–a smooth sail would not garner you any wisdom.

  11. Ah Phil Wang, I love these blogs beyond belief.

    Unfortunately, it seems like it happens to a lot of parents that really come to America. It happened with my parents too. Sort of that same scenario where mom comes to America, single, and kind of including herself with her sister (my aunt’s family). Grandmama comes and tells her “you can’t always be part of [her] family; you need to have your own. You’re not getting any younger”. Matchmaker plays her game, and she meets my dad. Not too crazy, but the two of them were getting older in years (30s, WHOA WAY OLD AT THAT TIME). The best thing from that? My brothers and myself. That’s it. She talks to me as if I’m her best friend, telling me how she just “accepts the marriage” and how “…I’m too old to get a divorce…I’m going to pass on soon anyway…”. It’s painful as an offspring and daughter to hear these statements.

    The one that got away is always that fantasy, but you’ll always find those qualities that made ‘the one that got away’ that person. If that one person exists, then there are others that exist with those same or equivalent qualities. It’s cliche, but each relationship is a lesson, and with each lesson, you learn what’s wanted in an ‘ideal’ relationship, and what to stay away from. You build and can only do better as time passes. I had to learn that the hard way, but it’s the best lesson ever, in terms of love and relationships.

    Sorry about my rant, but it hits close to home. 🙂

  12. Really like that picture to this post. Where was it taken?

    Btw, I used to think that fiction was better than reality. I’m also sure most of the female population had this wishful thinking.
    *hint: twilight, fifty shades of grey etc. (Lol)

    Well, even guys go through this…
    E.g. Ex bfs midnight calls to the girl “who got away”(while he’s also in a relationship), tries to mend the past with the girl by expressing his regrets and try to get her back after years of no contact. (Happened to me) *lol*

    However, it hit me that when or if I’m in a healthy relationship with someone new, it becomes unfair and selfish of me to “compare” that person to “the one that got away”. It then becomes unhealthy because I’d expect the new person to meet the some of expectations I had with the past person or perhaps someone fictional from a movie (lol). Everyone is unique… I can’t expect the current person to be the same as my past. I told myself that I should not spend too much time focusing on things I wish I have and not paying any attention on things I already have and SHOULD make an effort on.
    Otherwise, I’d regret it and the current one could be the “one that got away” instead because all along this new person has been trying their best to keep the relationship healthy and strong.

    *just my thoughts*

  13. Hey Phil,

    I’m commenting on one of your lesser commented on posts hoping it’ll draw your attention.

    I recently stumbled upon your blog and am comforted in reading your own experiences with love, relationships, and heartbreaks. I’m interested in exploring some of your concepts further, and I was hoping to converse with you about them. I’m hoping that with your desire for the “older” married men to be honest and share their struggles with the “younger” you too would be inclined to do the same. And hopefully we can do so as two humans looking to seek “truth” in a world of many truths.

    Let me know, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Collin Li

  14. I think you’re just maturing. Fiction is fiction. You can capture your fun bright stuff in life with pictures so that you can be reminded of those views you had before inevitably, reality results in some disappointment. the beauty of life is that it isnt all rosy. If it were, would you know bitter from sweet?
    I think when you find the person who you will eventually fall head over heels over (and marry) and get that feeling reciprocated, you will feel like you’ve seen the light. Right now, accept that maybe you’re knocking on the wrong door, barking up the wrong tree, or that maybe your number hasn’t been called for your shot at The One.
    Honestly you can’t wonder about the one who got away. Because don’t you think they got away for a reason? And that you and that person were molded from that experience in itself? The idea of how perfect they woulda been is probably better than actually living out the relationship with them. Well, that’s how I honestly see it.

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