“Guy who is in the middle of his workout” Costume

No, I’m not a walking yoga mat! Although, it will look like a yoga mat, that is walking, haha.

For whatever reason I was much more involved in this year’s Halloween. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone through the effort of making a costume. As mentioned in our recent LUNCH BREAK, in the past I’ve spent more time on costume’s for anime/comic conventions than Halloweens. But this year, had some fun.

Friday night was a last minute idea that came from borrowing a friend’s Star Trek red shirt uniform. I took inspiration from some internet memes involving Batman and decided to be “Every Geeks’ Worst Nightmare”, although most people just thought I made a mistake. (C’mon, who do you think I am? You really think I wouldn’t know light sabers don’t go with Star Trek??)


Saturday, our friend Cassey who is an extremely successful/popular fitness/lifestyle blogger was getting everyone together so I decided I would do something related to her, and thus the idea of  being “mid Blogilates workout” came about. Here’s how I made a very ghetto simple minimal costume out of an old yoga mat and things in my storage closet.

A yoga mat is floppy. So in order to keep it straight above my head I had to make a light but sturdy frame. Luckily I had these cardboard pieces that I kept from a mirror I just bought, and they had the strength and were the right length. You can’t just stick flat cardboard pieces to the back because they’ll bend. These were perfect beams.

Do not make the frame go the length of the mat. The beams should only go to about the middle of your torso. This allows the rest of the mat to hang freely and therefore allow you to sit very easily!

I cut some joints to ensure stability. I used duct tape because the mat material is not very adhesive, so you need something heavy duty. I probably could’ve been cleaner with my taping, but I was in a rush.

From an old Apple bag I cut out the string (matched the mat). I laid down on the mat and using a pen, marked estimated points at my shoulders and armpits. I cut holes there and threaded the string through.

Since the mat is very stretchy, a simple knot would not keep the string from falling out so I used some safety pins to keep the string in place.

Wear an athletic shirt to complete the concept. Didn’t even plan for the strings to blend into my shirt. (btw, big plus of this costume is that since you’re in athletic clothes you’ll be super comfortable and breezy all night!)

PHEW, that was exhausting.

Just did a quick google image search, doesn’t look like anyone has done this idea before, haha. I wonder if it’ll catch on like my Pokeball costume from 4 yrs ago cause that thang is everywhere now!! (I swear I was the first! lol)


Did you see our latest sketch? I feel like now that Halloween is over (even just by one day) I can’t share this video, not the right season anymore, haha. Oh well! Enjoy!


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