Instead of resolutions.. How about New Year’s Fears?

I know we’re well into 2017 and most “new years resolution” talk is far behind us, but I figure that this is also about the time that many people are rethinking their resolutions (read: not doing them haha). That’s not a knock on anyone, that’s just reality (although props to those who are on top of thangs).

So while many of us are feeling crappy about already “failing” in their resolutions, I wanted to share this idea I had…

Watch my vlog below explaining that A) resolutions should be year round, so forget this “new years” nonsense! and B) Try making a list of your “New Years Fears” instead!

What are New Years Fears? Well, as 2016 came to an end, I realized that a lot of things I was so worried about at the top of the year ended up working themselves out. Some things weren’t as bad as I feared, and the things that were, I still persevered through them. Realizing this gave me a sense of freedom, a slight liberation in my day to day life. Like, no matter how stressed out or worried about something I am, it’ll all turn out OK in the end.

NOT SAYING don’t work hard and don’t make plans and goals. SAYING roll with the punches and stay positive and you’ll be surprised that life has a way to.. go on.

So write down all the things you’re afraid of in 2017. Work, school, relationships, family, money? And to prove this point, revisit the list at the end of the year to see how each issue resolved itself. Maybe it’ll take longer than a year, but I’m fairly certain that most things keeping us up at night won’t be that bad.

…and if it is, it’ll be fine at the end of the decade… so standby for my “Decade’s Fears”.

Hope 2017 is going well for you!



One thought on “Instead of resolutions.. How about New Year’s Fears?

  1. Nice inovation Phil…
    anti mainstream thinking…to not write a resolution…but write our fear instead

    I’m afraid that i won’t get a scholarship this year…i really want to study abroad…and already failed once…
    Today i received a letter that inform me i didn’t gthe scholarship…
    Really disappointed…
    But live must go one right…
    Will try improve my self and try another one..wish me luck..

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